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Yeates Stephen

Yaneff, Chris 1928-2004

Graphic designer; founded Yaneff International Gallery in Toronto, 1973.

Yarwood, Walter Hawley - Born: 19 September 1917 Toronto; Died: 22 December 1996 Hamilton
Sculpture; Painting
"Walter Yarwood was … largely self-taught. His memberships included the Ontario Society of Artists, the Canadian Group of Painters and the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. He was also a founding member of Painters-Eleven. Yarwood exhibited his work across Canada and internationally." [source - Archives of Ontario http://www.archives.gov.on.ca/ENGLISH/exhibits/art_qp/page_12_yarwood.htm]
Ill'd history paintings for HBC
note: unknown if WH Yarwood is the same "Yarwood" who does illo for Canadian Home Journal in 1948]

Yates, Edward Norman 1923- murals

Yee Stephanie

Yerxa, Leo, 1947- children’s books -

Young, Charles Warburton 1865-1932

Young, Clarence
Of Brampton, Ontario; illr for In the days of the Canada Company the story of the settlement of the Huron Tract and a view of the social life of the period, 1825-1850

Young, L. Scott 1912-1950 murals

Youngfox, Cecil Robert, d. February 24, 1987, aged 44
Metis artist
Did illustrations for federal government calendars and posters

Zach, Jan 1914-1986 murals - Victoria [note: this artist may have never illustrated]

Zaid, Barry
Neptune Theatre poster, 1966, Halifax (source - Dimson, Great Canadian Posters)
Left for US [source - Bob Stacey in Rex Woods speech ms]

Zander, Hans

Zaman, Farida

Zaretzki, Andreas

Zeally, Ken
Active in late 1940s; worked at TDF; contributed cartoons to New Liberty.

Zeman, Ludmila - Governor General award winner

Zhang, Ange – children’s books -

Zhang, Song Nan. – children’s books -

Zimmerman Werner – children’s books -

Zion , Margaret Bloy Graham - See Graham, Margaret Bloy

Zgodzinski, Rose

Zurakowska, Malgorzata Unknown-

Zylinski, Georges 1923- murals

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