Whalley, Peter

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Wadland, Henry Webber - Born 1880, Woodstock, Ontario - Died 1964, Toronto.
Attended art school in Cincinnati, Ohio and later worked as staff political cartoonist (sometimes syndicated) at the Cincinnati Enquirer (ca. 1904-1910). Returned to Canada to take a management position at Grip, in Toronto. Later, with partners, Ed Nunn and Bud Feheley, began the firm, Reliance Engravers, located on Bond Street in Toronto. [source - John Wadland, grandson]

Waghorn, Kerry
Works out of Vancouver. Caricature.

Wainwright, Ruth Salter - Born: 05 May 1902 North Sydney Nova Scotia Canada; Died: 1984
grad Halifax Art School. Illustrated children's materials in Chatelaine, 1930s. Eventually studied expressionist painting and pursued a successful fine art career. [source - Jaleen Grove, CHIN, National Gallery of Canada Library].

Waite, Alexander Edward 1888- murals

Walker, Christopher - born Montreal, Quebec
Ontario College of Art from 1983 to 1987 … Having a long list of scientific interests … He has worked as an art director of illustrated science books and has illustrated four to his credit. … On August 22, 1994 , the C.C.G.S. Louis S. St. Laurent and the U.S.C.G.S. Polar Sea icebreakers entered history as the first North American surface vessels to reach the North Pole. Walker is now in the Canadian Archives as ship's artist. … Clients: National Science Foundation, Department of Fisheries and Oceans and Environment Canada. www.christopherwalkerart.ca. [source - Drawing Society of Canada]

Walker, Edna Adel Tremaine died 1968

Walker, Ernie
Comics artist employed by Maple Leaf Comics in 1940s [source - John Bell, Collections Canada]

Walker, James
1930s-40s women's magazines

Walker, John Henry b. Ireland 1831
Published and illustrated Canadian version of Punch, 1849. Emigrated to Montreal in 1842.

Wallace, Donald 1921-1993 murals

Wallace, Ian - midcentury kidsbooks

Walters, Ray
A partner in Art and Design Studios, 1950s-1960s [source - Tom McNeely]

Ward, Ben
Illustrates for Maclean's c. 1918, in the Gruger School style

Ward Dudley

Illustrates for Maclean's c. 1915. Eventually becomes famous for his elfin Dingbat characters, advertising medical equipment.

Wartzman Wendy.

Watson, Sydney Hollinger 1911-1981 murals

Webb, Ernie
Ill'd for Farmer's Magazine, 1940; cartoonist; comic strip Junior

Wedd, Eileen Sowden 1899-1978
Chatelaine, Canadian Home Journal; also wrote on fashion for Chatelaine 1920s [source - Jaleen Grove]

Weghsteen, Robert Arthur Marie Joseph 1929- murals

**Weiss, Philip E.
Schooled at Central Tech, OCA, AGT; graduated in Commercial and Fine Art at Central Tech 1940. Worked at Simpsons. [source - Library and Archives Canada]

Wells, Albert Eugene 1859-1931 murals

Wells, Lucille Oille McNeil See OILLE

Ill'd mastheads for The Farmer's Advocate, 1940s

West, Harold B.
Creator of Charle Chump, An All-Canadian Comic Strip. [source - John Adcock]

West, Peggy
Ill'd decorative borders and minor articles for Chatelaine, mid-1930s

Whalley, Peter - born Brockville ON Feb 20 1921; died Saint-Jerome, Que. Sept 18 2007
Illustrated for magazines, including Mayfair Magazine, before going into cartoons/comics [source - CBC]

White, Bob

White, Roger G. 1907-

White, Ron
War posters; National Home Monthly 1938

Whymper, Charles 1853-

Whymper, Frederick 1838-1908

Wicks, Ben 1926- political cartoon

Wickson, Paul G. Paris, Ont.
Military, animals, horses. Ill'd for Toronto Globe Christmas inserts [source - John Gilinsky]

Wiebe Jeff

Wieland, Joyce
Better known as fine artist; included in Theo Dimson's Great Canadian Posters for a film poster

Wiens Carl

Wilcox, Charles Richard - (?-1970)
McLeans 1930s
War posters. From Nova Scotia, living in Toronto in 1930s [source - Canadian Home Journal Sept 1936].

Wilkinson, Norman
A piece is in HBC collection

Willi Mitschka,

Williams, Margaret
Taught illustration, design and advertising at the BC College of Art (operated by Fred Varley and JWG Macdonald), 1933-35.

Willing, John T. - born 1860 - died 1898
Was in NY by 1883. Watercolourist. Illustrator and ornamental designer; wrote criticism on English portraiture; member of American Author's Guild. [source - John Wadland, Ernest Thompson Seton, 1978] Also a book designer; signed covers with initials. [see FH Brigden in Printer & Publisher June 1895]

Willumsen, Connor

Wilson, Alan
Completed many covers depicting pretty-girl heads for National Home Monthly, as well as Chatelaine, Toronto Star Weekly, Maclean's.

Wilson, Billy - wildlife

Wilson, Daniel, Sir 1816-1892

Wilson, Janet - children's books

Wilson, Jeff - cartoonist
Creator of 'The Avridge Farm' comic strip. Author of 'Sincerely Chores' book (1993) ISBN 0969779003 (0-9697790-0-3)

Wilson, John Francis 1865-1940

Wilson, Lela May
Wife of York Wilson. When York angered art directors, Lela took his portfolio around and solicited work under her own name. [source - Lela Wison, York Wilson Life and Work, Chapter 2]

Wilson, P Roy - b. 1900- murals; Old Houses of Quebec

Wilson, York 1907, Toronto; died 1984
Studied Central Tech and OCA;
murals; ill'd Face at the Bottom of the World
Began at Brigden's, went to Sampson Matthews, left for Detroit and worked at Meinzinger Studio, Reid-Smith Studio where he moved into figurative illo. Returned to Toronto and paired up with designer Wesley R. Flinn. Began ill'ing for magazines, but after a falling out with one publisher he was forced to submit work through his wife Lela Miller, under her name. Worked on Yardley perfumes, Victory War Bonds, covers for MacLean's and Liberty. Allso commissions for Imperial Oil. [source - Paul Duval]

Winter, William Arthur - born 27 August 1909 Winnipeg; died 13 March 1996 England
Born in Winnipeg in 1909, Winters received his art training under Lemoine Fitzgerald at the Winnipeg School of Art. He moved to Toronto in 1937 where he established the advertising firm of Wookie, Winter and Bush. He exhibited his work widely, including 19 exhibitions at Roberts Gallery, Toronto beginning in 1959. He was member of the Royal Canadian Academy and the Ontario Society of Artists. Today, classified as a Canadian post-war modernist, he is best known for his paintings of children. His work is housed in museum collections across Canada and abroad, including the National Gallery of Canada and the Art Gallery of Ontario. He died in England in 1996." [source - http://www.pegasusgallery.ca/artist/Wiliam_Winter.html]

Wishart, Jean Wylie - born 1902; died 1991
Had a steady feature of children's paper dolls and towns in Chatelaine 1930s [source - Jaleen Grove]

Withers, G.
War posters

Witney, Dudley 1926-

Wojciechowska , Danuta - b. 1960, Quebec, Canada
"Nominee, Hans Christian Andersen Award, 2004. Other awards include: Special Mention - National Prize for Children's Book Illustration (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002), Selected for the "White Ravens" Catalogue (2001). Born in Canada to Swiss and Polish parents, she moved to Switzerland at 17 to study art, then on to England to study education at 23. Since 1984, she has lived in Lisbon, Portugal, and appears to be sticking there. She has illustrated for a wide variety of different media, including schoolbooks, magazines, museum documents, and even games. She has also worked for many years in musical and theatrical production, designing stage sets and costumes. In fact, she began her career as a children's book illustrator relatively late — only four years ago — but that has become her central pursuit ever since. Regarding her style, and specifically her style in Mouschi, o gato de Anne Frank ("Mouschi, Anne Frank's Cat"), University of Lisbon Fine Arts Professor Barbara Videira says, "Danuta's illustrations are in themselves challenges to more conventional perspectives and portrayals of reality. Each illustration presents various dimensions, in a dream atmosphere, telling a story, in which we are detective spectators who have to put together the pieces, with suspended objects, distorted doors and walls." [source - Barbara Videira, "A New Form of Writing: The Illustrations of Danuta Wojciechowska," in Ms. Wojciechowska's HCA dossier, 2004]

Wolf Eva Nagel
Unverified as Canadian.
Ill'd regular column on beauty for Canadian Home Journal, 1930s

Wood, John

Wood, Muriel

Wood, Tracy

Woods, Rex Norman - Born: 21 July 1903 Gainsborough Lincolnshire England; Immigrated to Canada in 1920 [source: CHIN], Died November 18, 1987
"Reginald Norman (Rex) Woods, whose paintings and illustrations were familiar to generations of Canadians, died yesterday in Toronto. He was 85. A renowned graphic artist, Mr. Woods designed covers for Maclean's, drew advertisements for many Canadian companies and painted Canadian historical figures. He drew the Macdonald lassie, the woman's picture which still graces Export cigarette packages. Among his most famous works is a giant group portrait of the Fathers of Confederation, actually a copy of a work by Robert Harris destroyed when the Parliament Buildings burned down in 1916. Commissioned by the Confederation Life Insurance Company, Woods added three figures to the picture, which was donated as a Centennial gift to Canada in 1967 and hangs in Parliament. Born in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England, in 1902 [the correct date is 1903], Mr. Woods came to Toronto in 1920 and studied at the Ontario College of Art. He worked for various commercial art studios before striking out on his own in the 1930s. In 1927 [the correct date is 1928], he married Jeanne Etheldra Mott; a dancer with the Metropolitan Opera Company ballet. Since 1939, the couple has lived on Eglinton Ave. W. where Mr. Woods worked in his studio until his death of a massive heart attack yesterday at Sunnybrook Medical Centre. Funeral arrangements have not yet been completed. They are being handled by the Morley Bedford Funeral Chapel, 159 Eglinton Ave. W." [source - Toronto Star, November 19, 1987 - edit by Leif Peng]

Woodward, Barbara 1887-

Woychuk, Roman
Cartoonist and illustrator, active in Vancouver and Manitoba 1940s and 50s. Was a POW in Germany during WW2. [Source - Shawinigan Standard Mar 1 1950]

Wren, Chris – collaborates/partner of Kenn Brown
Science fiction
Wired Magazine

Wrenn, Charles L. (or H.)
Illustrated with LAC Panton in Maclean's (collaboration) 1915. Did some covers for Canada Ink, 1930s

Wright, Douglas 1918-1984
Comic artist; creator of "Nipper" and "Doug Wright's Family"; took over "Juniper Junction" from Jimmy Frise. [source - John Bell, Collections Canada]
The prestigious Doug Wright Award is given to a cartoonist in Canada every year.

Wright, Fredric

Wright, Nancy Caudle
Ill'd for Chatelaine in 1930s, children's books and advertising (Palmolive) as late as 1960 [source - Jaleen Grove]

Wyatt, Stanley Ross. d.1987, aged 89
Studied at Manchester School of Art, worked for 10 years at commercial studio, then came to Canada in 1931.
Illustrated books and book covers, including Bells on Finland Street by Lyn Cook, Macmillan, 1951, Wagons west by John Craig, Dent, 1955, and The little magic
by Lyn Cook, Macmillan, 1965.

Wylie, Jean - see Wishart

Wynne-Clark, A.

Member Canadian Society of Graphic Art.
Active in Toronto 1927
Illustrated "Simpsons Confederation Jubilee Series", in The Globe, Toronto, June 1927. Series depicting scenes from Canada's first 60 years, written by M.O. Hammond. Wynne-Clark's
illustrations were supervised for historical data by C. W. Jefferys. The series was sponsored by The Robert Simpson Co. Ltd., and appeared as a separate booklet, free of charge.

Wysotski , Andrew – multimedia

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