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Uluschak Ed, - political cartoon

Unverzagt, Holde, born in Austria 1945, studied Art in Munich Germany, Murral Master and winner of several achievement awards. 35 years experience painting residential and commercial wall murals in Canada and the USA

Valentine, Alec C
Illustrated for National Home Monthly and Canadian Home Journal; ad for CN, 1920s-30s.
Operated Eveready Publishing during WW2, which produced pulps [source - John Hilkert, unpublished history of pulps]

Vanderputten, Bethany Kate 1979-
Education: Alberta College of Art & Design 1997-2001, Academy of Art University 2007-2009. Specializes in handcrafted, realistic acrylic paintings.

Vanderputten, Bethany

Vandersluys, George Robert 1928-

van Drimmelen, Aimée

Varley, FH
Group of Seven member known mainly for portraits and landscapes. Worked in studios in Toronto before taking position teaching at Vancouver School of Art. Numerous sources available for more info.

Vaughn-James, Martin. Born in England.
Pioneer of the graphic novel format; winner of 2010 Giant of the North, the Canadian cartoonists' Hall of Fame.

Venning, Harry
Early contributor of fishing tales to Dominion Illustrated, then called Stewart's Quarterly, with sketches, under name of "An Old Angler." [source - editor of Dominion Illustrated, Aug 1892]

Verstraete Gerrit V.L. - "was born in 1945. …He began his fine art studies as a child in the Netherlands , his country of birth. At age five, he was introduced to formal art lessons by renowned Dutch artist, Stien Eelsingh (1903 - 1964), co-founder of the arts group Het Palet at the Hopmanshuis in the medieval city of Zwolle . In 1958 the Verstraete family moved to Canada . After completing highschool in 1964 he enrolled at the Ontario College of Art & Design in Toronto . He graduated with honours in 1968 ….. founded and owned a design studio …For 15 years, and with a staff of 26 in Toronto and Ottawa… His work included many creative projects in the world of performing arts with some of Canada 's leading dance and theatre companies. … Gerrit Verstraete is the founder of the Drawing Society of Canada … www.gverstraete.com and in his new online gallery www.masterpeacegallery.com. [ source - Drawing Society of Canada]

Vezina, Emile 1876-1942

Vick, S.C.

Vilallonga, Jesús Carlos de 1927- murals


Vilandre, Adrien 1924- murals

Vletter, Fiona de 1927- murals

Von Ravenstein, Horst
Worked at Bomac Engraving in 1950s [source - Tom McNeely]

von Svoboda, Alex (Count ) - Born Austria, April 16, 1929.
Grandson of August Roeseler, (1866-1934) a fine arts and commercial artist, and a cartoonist from Munich, Germany. Alex studied fine arts in Paris, Rome and Vienna. After World War II, traveled to the United States and then Canada, where he became a commercial illustrator in Toronto. Subsequently worked in sculpture; established Svoboda International Designs, working in sculpture, mosaics, glass, interior design, including liturgical work in over 250 churches throughout North America. Painter in in tempera, watercolour, and oil. Early works included abstracts; and later, people, landscape and architecture. Memoirs published as "Hope is the Last Thing to Die". Accolades include: International Graphics Award; award from Pope John XXIII in Rome, Italy – 1966, to recognize his liturgical art and design in the church; award from Pope John Paul II, in Rome, Italy – 1984, to recognize his bronze sculpture of the Pontiff; Nominated for the Order of Canada. See website. [older entry by anonymous edited by Jaleen for length and neutrality].

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