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Tailfeathers, Gerald 1925-1975

Tait, Les
Artist specialising in Toronto street scenes
"Old Bill's Place" appeared on a cover of Canadian Heritage Magazine, which won an International Special Creative Achievement Award in 1987.
"Bloor Street Market" included in Toronto in art: 150 years through artists' eyes.

Takashima, Shizueye Takashima, Shichan - 1928-2005 – children’s books -

Talbot Kelly, Giles 1929-

Tanabe, Takao b. 1926 at Seal Cove, British Colum­bia
- murals, graphic design, letterpress printing, painting
Tan­abe stud­ied at the Win­nipeg School of Art (1946−49); from 1951–52, he spent time in New York work­ing along­side Abstract Expres­sion­ists includ­ing Hans Hof­mann at the Brook­lyn Museum of Art School.
He con­tin­ued his stud­ies at the Cen­tral School of Arts & Crafts in Lon­don, Eng­land in 1954.
He also trav­eled to Japan where he stud­ied at Tokyo’s Uni­ver­sity of Fine Arts in 1959.
He taught at the Van­cou­ver School of Art (now Emily Carr Uni­ver­sity of Art and Design) from 1962–65 and again from 1967–68. From 1973–80 he was head of visual arts at the Banff Cen­tre School of Fine Arts.
Tan­abe main­tain­s a stu­dio prac­tice in Parksville, BC.
[source: http://en.formandplace.ca/]

Taylor, Alex Harpur - Illustrator Montreal
Worked in Montreal from the 1940's-mid 1970.
A founder of Creative Center in Montreal
Clients: Air Canada, CN, Canadian Pacific Rail, Montreal Star/Gazette, major Ad Agencies.
Realistic subjects.

Taylor C.J
children’s books

Taylor, Frederick B. 1906-1907

His painting, Hull Rivetting was used on dust jacket of Michael Ondaatje's In the Skin of the Lion.
Younger brother of E.P. Taylor.
A declared communist, he was refused a commission as an official war artists in WW2.

Taylor, Richard Lippincott Denison (Dick Taylor)- born 1902 or 1903?, Fort William, Ontario; died -1970
- children's books, 1930s
Called Dick, to distinguish him from his father, of the same name.
Central Tech, OCA, LA Sch Art & Design; wrote Introduction to Cartooning 1947 [source - Who's Who in American Art]
Illustrated for Goblin Magazine, then later was a cartoonist for The New Yorker [source - John Bell, Collections Canada]
Also worked under name Ricardo; created Mystery Men comic strip in 1920s. [source - John Adcock http://punchincanada.blogspot.com/2008/05/richard-taylor-goblin.html]

Taylor Stephen – children’s books -

Taylor, William Hughes born in the Falkland Islands 1891
Moved to Montreal in 1897; may have worked for Imperial Tobacco. [source: Aubrey Bell]

Teather, Audrey
Illustrated books by "Kerry", the pseudonym of Edgar A. Wood (1907-1998): The Boy and the Buffalo, Macmillan, 1965; Mickey and the Beaver and other Stories, Macmillan, 1964; Samson's
Long Ride, McAra Printing, Calgary, 1970; The Medicine Man, self-published.
Also illustrated for The Canadian Girl and Onward.

Teichman, Dorothy

Illustrated story by Gladys G. Stacey, titled "Jealous Nipper", in Story Time, January 26, 1964

Thielcke, Henry Daniel - born Westminster, London, England 16 November, 1788; died 1874 in Chicago
RA; portrait painter. Emigrated circa 1830; In 1851 census lived in Quebec City, where he was the French, German, and drawing master at Quebec High School; Chicago 1870 census lists occupation as "retired printer". [source: Don Shelton, http://american-miniatures.blogspot.com/2006/04/thielcke-henry-portrait-of-unknown.html]

Ill'd for Family Herald and Weekly Star, 1945

Thomas, George - "Sketches of Celebrated Canadians…" Quebec, 1862

Thomas, Lionel Arthur John 1915- murals

Thomlinson, Debra . Illustrative fine art, west coast.

Thompson, Ernest Seton - wildlife -left for US ca 1900

Thompson, FA
Worked in Washington, DC as a commercial artist, then joined Canadian Armoured Fighting Vehicles Training camp at Borden during WW2 (rank of Corporal). Made a cartoon that was published in an English service publication titled The Tank. Had served in English army in WW1. [source - Toronto Star, Saturday Oct 12 1940].

Thomson, David F. - born 1872 - left for US ca 1900; Toronto Art Students League
Off to NY by 1895. Was considered by all to be of extremely high talent. Ended up in Boston as salaried artist at a litho company there.
[see FH Brigden in Printer & Publisher June 1895]

Thompson Richard

Thomson, Charles R.
Illustrated Regal brand greeting cards circa 1950.

Thomson, Phoebe
ill'd children's material for Chatelaine 1920s; ill'd three books written by Marius Barbeau

Thomson, Tom - born 1877; died 1917
One of Canada's most famous landscape painters. Apprenticed under JEH MacDonald; worked as commercial artist in Washington State and Toronto; was considered the epitome of modern Canadian painters by the Group of Seven.

Thomson, Viola
Unverified as Canadian
Spot illustrations and decorative borders for poetry for Canadian Home Journal, 1930s

Thorn, Anthony (Goldman, Arthur) 1927- murals

Thorn, Eric 1929-

Thorne, Arthur M. - 1909- murals

Thorne, Diana 1895-
Married Arthur North [source - Smithsonian]
Wildlife topics; animals

Thorne, Gordon Kit 1896-

Thorson, Charles b. Winnipeg ca 1891 - d. Vancouver 1966
Worked at Brigden's in Winnipeg; Eatons catalogue illustrator 1914-1934; became animator for Disney and others; returned to Winnipeg in 1946; creator of Punkinhead Christmas bear character for Eatons and later, Elmer the Safety Elephant for the Toronto police department. Reputed to have a temper and perhaps an alcohol problem. [source - CBC news, Globe & Mail, MacLean's]

Tibo Gilles; - Governor General award winner

Tikit Tikkitok

Tillenius, Clarence - b. Sandridge Manitoba in 1913, d. Jan. 24, 2012
Wildlife painter; completed many museum dioramas.
Received the Order of Manitoba in 2003 and the Order of Canada in 2005.

Timmerman, Grant
Was a Montreal Quebec based commercial illustrator graphic artist. He did almost all the colour covers for Canadian Business from 1944 to circa 1947 or 1948 plus continued working in commercial art at least during the early 1950s. [source - John Gilinsky]

Tingley Merle ("Ting") b. 1922- - political cartoon

Tinning, George Campbell 1910-1996 murals
Canadian War Artist who later designed murals, most notably for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Montreal (Maritime Bar). His mural for the administrative building of the Jenkins Valve Company (1960) in Lachine was rediscovered on an "underground'" website exhibiting a number of photos of the mural from the derelict building in 2002. The mural/building has since been destoyed.
Other murals: Bank of Montreal, Montreal 1961and Baie-Comeau Hotel, Baie-Comeau, Quebec, 1968.

Tinning was a graphic artist for Robert Simpson's Montreal Ltd 1940-42 (a department store later known as Simpson's-Sears), an illustrator for Lincoln Mercury Times (Ford Motor Co.,Dearborn, Michigan) from 1950 to 1969.

see: "The Newfoundland Paintings: George Campbell Tinning," by Heather Smith, Curatorial Director, Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery, the catalogue for the circulating exhibition produced by the Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery 2010-2012.

Todd, John 1916-

Todd, John Gregory Gilbert

Tomio Nitto,

Tommi, Alberto 1917- murals

Tooke, Susan
Book illustrator, mural painter. website

Tookoome Simon–
children’s books -

Topham, William Thurston 1888-1966 murals

Town, Harold Barling 1924-1990
Graduate of OCA, 1944
Illustrator turned abstract painter – Painters 11. See Robert Fulford article.
Employed by Anglo-American Comics in 1940s [source - John Bell, Collections Canada]
Illustrated for Mayfair Magazine
In 1964, wrote and illustrated Enigmas = Enigmas = Enigmes, limited edition of 175 numbered copies.

Tran Huan

Traunter, Geoffrey - born 1901
British Columbia Canada
Ill'd Canadian Home Journal, 1948

Trébert, Léon 1921- murals

Tremblay, Jack
Comics artist employed at Bell Features [source - John Bell, Collections Canada]
Ink sketches appear in #14 1963 Spectator Weekend Mag (Hamilton)

Tremblay, Raymond 1921-1977

Trevanna, Harry
- murals

Trevor, Leslie 1907-1991
War posters. Also did work for agency Cooper and Beatty, 1952 [source: Globe and Mail 1952].

Trier, Walter 1890-1951

Trottier, Gerald Mathew 1925-2004 murals

Tschaikowsky, Alexander Nikolai 1893- murals

Tulley, Charles Edward Archibald 1885-1950

Tughan James,

Tulurialik, Ruth

Turgeon, Pol
"…. His reading and writing disability catalyzed an avid early devotion to drawing… His work has been honoured with awards and has appeared in numerous prestigious illustration annuals. Today, besides obsessively drawing, he teaches illustration and live-art drawing at the University of Quebec at Montreal [source - AIIQ]

Turner, Patrick - Born: 01 February, 1958. North Vancouver, British Columbia.
Studied Design and Illustration at Capilano College. Illustrated for national/international edition magazines, book covers and advertising.
website: http://www.patrickturner.com

Turner, Stanley F - Born: 01 August 1883 Aylesbury Buckinghamshire England; Died: 03 June 1953 Toronto
Comes to Canada 1901 OR 1903 and farmed, entered civil service 1906, OSA member 1918, Society of Graphic Artists 1913, ARCA 1928, Canadian Painter-Etchers, studied Kensington, Royal Ontario School Art, illustrating book jackets, animated maps, endpapers in 1947[source - artist's own hand, National Gallery]
Historical subjects, Printmaker, Industrial design, CNE poster
Active from at least 1920. Illustrates for Canadian Home Journal, 1940s. [source - Jaleen Grove]
Stanley Francis Turner was born in Aylesbury, England in 1883 and studied at the South Kensington School of Art in London. He emigrated to Canada in 1903 (or 1901), and once here farmed near Yorkton, Saskatchewan, while continuing to make sketches. In1911 he moved to Toronto and joined the advertising department of T. Eaton Company, and in 1913 won first prize for the Eaton Jubliee Cover competition. In 1918 he joined the reputable design and advertising firm of Rous and Mann Press Ltd., and worked under Franklin Carmichael. He received an Eaton scholarship to attend the Ontario College of Art in Toronto, where he studied with George Reid and J.W. Beatty. Turner is lauded for his etchings, aquatints, intaglio, and woodblock prints, as well as his watercolours, pen and inks, graphite drawings, and oil paintings.
Stanley Turner provided Rous & Mann, Limited a considerable number of etchings for reproduction in their postcard series of Toronto (8 cards) and Quebec City. Globe and Mail, June 4, 1953 obit

Tuttle Jean -

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