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Saboe, Christian (1899- )
Christian Saboe was a Danish artist who emigrated to Canada. He self-published numerous pencil sketches of the Toronto area in the period 1940-1950, generally of architectural subjects. A single Winnipeg and Esquimalt B.C. subject are also known. He used the pen name Christian Anderson for one Vancouver sketch.

Safran, Bernard 1924-

St Ables, Jon
Comics artist employed by Maple Leaf Comics in 1940s; Created comic Brok Windsor. [source - John Bell, Collections Canada]

St-Aubin, Jean-Claude
"Jean-Claude (now known as Claude) St-Aubin was born in Matheson, Ontario, in 1951. …1976, main colourist for Captain Canuck. He also contributed some inks to the title, and worked as well on such backup features as the Chaos Corps and Beyond. Ever since CKR Productions stopped publishing in 1981, St-Aubin has worked as a penciller and inker for a variety of U.S. comics companies, including Marvel, DC, Topps, Acclaim/Valiant and Crusade. Among the titles featuring his artwork are Magnus Robot Fighter, The Frankenstein/Dracula War, Aquaman, X-Files and Green Lantern." [source - Collections Canada http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/superheroes/t3-416-e.html]

Salina Joseph

Salter Ruth - see Wainwright, Ruth Salter

Sallinen, JK
Worked at Bomac Engraving in 1950s [source - Tom McNeely]

From Goderich, Ontario; illustrator for In the days of the Canada Company the story of the settlement of the Huron Tract and a view of the social life of the period, 1825-1850

Sampson, Joseph Ernest (JE) - born in Liverpool 1887 or 1888; died 1946
The eldest son of William Sampson, a superintendent engineer of Canadian Pacific Steamships.
Studied art at Liverpool School of Art; London School of Art; Academie Julian and Academie de la Grand Chaumiere in Paris; Came to Canada in 1909; was art director at Stone Ltd; was known as a portrait and figure painter.
Formed Colour-Craft Sampson-Matthews Limited (later Sampson-Matthews Ltd.) with Charles A.G. Matthews in 1918; AJ Casson was Art Director there for 38 years; also employed Franklin Carmichael.
He represented Canada with a painting at the NY World's Fair in 1939.
Painted various pictures for the Canadian War Records and War Savings Drives, including a portrait of Lieutenant General G.L. McNaughton and ‘Armistice Day Toronto’; painted portraits of the Speakers of the Ontario Legislature, the Honourable Norman Otto Hipel and the Honourable James Howard Clark.
Member of the Ontario Society of Artists, the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour, the Arts and Letters Club in Toronto, and an Associate of the Royal Canadian Academy.
Work is in the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Government of Ontario Art Collection and the Canadian War Museum.
[sources - Arts and Letters Club files with statement by Matthews; also Canadian Encyclopedia, http://www.sampsonmatthewsprints.com/artists/joseph-ernest-sampson/]

Sandham, Henry - 1842 in Montreal - d.1910 in London
- RCA - Picturesque Canada - Boston, 1881-1901 [source -Who Was Who in American Art]
Studied with Otto Reinhard Jacobi and John A Fraser; Divided time between Canada, USA, UK; showed in Paris salons, Royal Academy London, Boston, Philadelphia Centennial. Illo Century Magazine and a few books (Poe, HH Jackson) [source - Walt Reed's The Illustrator in America]

Sandham, Alfred - 1838-1910
"Alfred Sandham was born 19 November 1838 in Griffintown (Montreal). While still in his teens, he left Montreal for New York. Two years later he returned and began work with the Montreal Telegraph Company (soon absorbed by the Grand Trunk Railroad). In 1863 he began working with his father, a painting contractor, and his brother Frederick. … In the mid-1860s, Sandham joined a group of collectors to form the Numismatic Society of Montreal, and began what would become an extensive collection of medals and coins, as well as autographs, letters, engravings, drawings, and portraits relating to the history of Canada and the history of Montreal. In 1870, largely due to his efforts, the Numismatic and Antiquarian Society of Montreal came into being. He was the first editor (from 1872 to 1875) of the "Canadian Antiquarian and Numismatic Journal". He was also a contributor to the "American Journal of Numismatics" and a member of several learned societies in Canada and the United States. He wrote several books, booklets and monographs related to his research and collecting interests, including "Coins, Tokens, and Medals of the Dominion of Canada" (1869); "Ville-Marie, or Sketches of Montreal, past and present" (1870); "McGill College and its medals" (1872); a history of the Montreal YMCA (1873); and, "Montreal and its fortifications" (1874). In 1880, Sandham left Montreal for Toronto, where he flourished as a publisher of evangelical magazines. This success allowed him the time to concentrate on his research and collecting passions. Alfred Sandham died on Christmas Day, 1910 at the age of 72. His death came six months after that of his brother Henry Sandham, the well-known painter and illustrator." [source - Nat'l Library and Archives]
Illustrated many historical and commemorative and government publications.

Sandwell, Harry W. 1904- murals

Sangwine, Eric Unknown-

Sankey, Marjorie
Toronto based designer of bookplates, associated with Ryerson Press. Also Ill'd cover for Chatelaine in 1928. Very medievalesque style. One of several illustrators for The Canada Book of Prose and Verse, Book 1. Ryerson Press, 1927. Also, same series, Book 2, 1928 and Book 3, 1930. Signed her illustrations M. Sankey or M.S.

Sarossy, Ivan 1926- murals

Saunders, George 1883-1967

Sauvé Gordon – children’s books -

Savard, Fred

Saw, Lew
Creator "one-Up" comic strip.

Saw, Lou 1922-

Sawatzky, Dan Unknown- murals

Sawtelle, Alice - apparently from outside Canada
Wife of Hugh Mackenzie, son of MA Mackenzie, U of Toronto math professor. Illustrated a story for MacLean's in Nov 1925.

Schaefer, Carl Fellman, 1903-1995

Official War Artist during WWII, painting aircraft, aerodromes and air crews.

Schaefer, Fred 1929-2001 murals

Schaflein, JE
Ill'd for HBC

Schell, Frederick B., 1838-1902 - picturesque canada [src- national library and Archives] - note, deathdate discrepancy: WWW says d. 1905. May not be Canadian.

Schellenberger, Otto
Active in BC, 1930s; taught at AOTS Polytechnic; worked at Great West Lithographers; an associate of Paul Rand and John Kyle. [source - Paul Rand archive, via Gary Sim]

Schintz, Theodoor Marie 1904-

Born in Holland but came to Canada in 1926.
Provided illustration of covered wagon scene for Stephen Leacock's Canada: the Foundation of Its Future, 1941
Illustration included in Highroads to Reading, Book 5.

Schlienger, Oscar 1905 murals

Schmidt, Albert 1919- murals

SCHREIBER, Charlotte Mount Brook Morrell 1834-1922
Born Woodham Mortimer, Essex, England, 1834; Died Paignton, Devon, England, 1922
Charlotte Schreiber (née Charlotte Mount Brock Morrell), was one of four children, was artistically gifted, and was encouraged and supported by her father in her artistic endeavours. Her formal art education began in the early 1850s, consisting of attendance at Mr. Cary's School of Art, London, anatomy lessons from a former surgeon, and unofficial classical training from J.R. Herbert, RA (1810-1890). She was a painter of portraits, landscapes and genre scenes in oil and watercolour. Schreiber illustrated three books in England - Chaucer's "The Legende of the Knight of the Red Crosse," The First Book of Spenser's "Faerie Queene" (1871), and a posthumous publication of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's "The Rhyme of the Duchess May" (1874). In 1875 at age forty-one, she married her cousin Weymouth Schreiber and moved to Toronto, Canada with him and his three children; she illustrated three children's books that were published in Toronto. She continued to paint in Canada and quickly became involved in, and played an important role in the Toronto art community. She was elected to the Ontario Society of Artists in 1876, was the first woman to teach at the newly formed Ontario College of Art in 1877, was appointed to the managing board in 1878 and ran the College with Lucius O'Brien and James Smith. She was elected a charter member of the Royal Canadian Academy in 1880 and remained the only female member of the RCA until the second woman, Marion Long, was elected in 1933. Schreiber exhibited her work at the annual exhibitions of the Ontarion Society of Artists and the Royal Canadian Academy, the Art Association of Montreal, the Canadian Women's Art Association, the Toronto Industrial Exhibitions, the Philadelphia Centennial Exhibitions, the Paris Salon (1890) and the World Columbian Exhibition in Chicago (1893). When her husband died in 1898, Schreiber returned to England where she lived in Paignton, Devon, and continued to paint and sell her work until she died in 1922. [source - Cdn Women Artists' History Initiative]

Schuster, Joe - b. July 10, 1914 Toronto
Creator of Superman. "In 1924 the family moved to Cleveland Ohio for new business opportunities. In 1930 Joe Shuster met Jerry Siegel, and their common interest in fantastic stories led to a fast friendship. They worked together to produce their own science fiction magazine, and in that very periodical in 1933 they created their first Superman story." [source - "Truth, Justice, and the Canadian Way" by Ross May, July 1st, 2004 at http://www.supermanhomepage.com/comics/comics.php?topic=articles/canadian-way]

Schwartz, Roslyn. – children’s books -

Scott, Adam Sherriff 1887-1980
murals; war posters; HBC
Illustration, "The Sunday Postman", included in Highroads to Reading, Book 5. Original in National Gallery of Canada.

Scott, Lloyd Edward William - 1911-1968 - "graduated from the Ontario College of Art in 1936. He served in the Canadian Army during W.W. II and in 1949 he joined Ontario Hydro as a technician. His work as an artist included the illustration of an elementary school history textbook by Donalda Dickie, The great adventure. During the 1960s Scott travelled extensively, including the Canadian Arctic, recording his trips in sketchbooks, diaries and films." [source - Nat'l Library and Archives]

Seabrook, Harold 1920- murals

Sedge (?)
Hard to read monogram; did some covers for Canada Ink in the 1930s [source - Jaleen Grove]

Segel, Ross (spelling?)
Associate of Leo Bachle; comic books 1940s; cartoonist

Sellen, HEM
"noted Canadian animal painter" according to Chatelaine in Jan 1931; provided children's illustrations for Chatelaine; ill'd animal stories for Canadian Home Journal, 1930s

Semeyn, William Jacobus (1890-1952)
Jacobus Semeyn was born in Amsterdam and emigrated to Canada. He supplied a number of watercolours to Acme Press in Victoria for reproduction as postcards in the 1920’s. He also executed a frieze in Hatley Castle in Victoria, B.C., completed in 1908. His illustrations appear in the 1922 book “Indian Legends of Vancouver Island” by Alfred Carmichael.

Serafin, Sigmund Augustus 1920- murals

Seton, Ernest Thompson - born Ernest Evan Thompson in South Shields, County Durham (now part of South Tyneside, Tyne and Wear), England August 14, 1860 ; died Seton Village, New Mexico October 23, 1946
Emigrated to Canada 1866. Attended Royal Academy of Art, London. Returned to Canada; later emigrated to US.
Founded Boy Scouts of America; famous writer of outdoor stories.
Illustrated his own works and had some published in magazines (eg, Windsor Magazine).

Sevier, Gerry

Seward, Ralph (Cdn?)
Ralph Seward was an artist for the Montreal Standard in 1908 and 1909. He supplied 3 illustrations to the Illustrated Post Card Co. of Montreal for publication as postcards in the series Historical Pageant Quebec 1908. Ralph Seward was one of the illustrators of the book “The Standard Tercentenary Souvenir number – commemoration 1908” published in 1908.

Seyfort, Charles Rudolph 1928- murals

Shabaeff, Valentin 1891- murals

Shackleton, Kathleen - b. 05 February 1884 Dublin Ireland; d. 10 July 1961
Immigrated to Canada in 1912; Not really an illustrator? - her society portraits appear in Canadian Home Journal article March 1932 [source - Jaleen Grove]

Shane, George - born 1921
George Shane was born in Winnipeg in 1921. Before the Second World War, he started cartooning for several western papers, including the Calgary Herald and the Winnipeg Free Press. After serving in the Air Force during the war, he studied fine art and illustration in New York City and enjoyed much success with his gag cartoons. In the late 1940s, Shane returned to Canada and worked for both Saturday Night and The Montrealer. With the establishment of his own commercial art studio, he worked in alliance with the Canadian Labour Congress. Throughout a lengthy career of over four decades as a freelance artist, the cartoonist's focus has been on labour politics and issues. His work has appeared in trade and labour publications across the country. In addition to his editorial cartoon work, George Shane has been the subject of numerous painting exhibitions. He continues to teach portraiture in Toronto. [source - Nat'l Library and Archives]

Shaw, Bill Unknown-

Shaw, HV
War posters

Shaw-Rimmington, Barrie 1923- murals

Sheldon Cohen; - Governor General award winner

Sherriff Dean

Sherbatt, Joseph

Sherman, Maud Rees 1900 - 1976
Maud Sherman was born in Mission City, British Columbia in 1900. She was taught at home by her father Ruiter Stinson Sherman (1865 - 1941) who was a teacher, naturalist, and writer. She began illustrating his nature stories in School Days magazine (1919-1931), a publication of the Vancouver School Board. She later illustrated school text books by her father such as Mother Nature Stories (1924). She was a founding student at the Vancouver School of Decorative and Applied Arts in 1925, and later a member of the B.C. Society of Fine Arts.

Sherwood, June E. Unknown-1992

Sherwood, Stewart

Shoesmith, Kenneth
CP poster

Shoffner Terry


Shortt, Angus H. 1908-

Shortt, Terence Michael 1910-1986 - wildlife

Chief artist of the Royal Ontario Museum's ornithology dept. until retirement in 1976

Illustrated many books including L.L. Snyder's Canadian birds, Fred Bosworth's Last of the curlews and Audubon western bird guide.

Showell, William 1903-

Shreve, Carl
Worked for The Canadian Magazine, Chatelaine, MacLean's, 1930s; Britannia, war posters.

Silver, Francis Da Silva, 1841-1920 murals

Silversleth, Margrethe 1897-

Sim, Gary Keith 1951-
Gary Sim was born in Vancouver in 1951. He was a founding director of the Richmond Arts Council in 1969, illustrating the cover of their first newsletter. He has written and illustrated articles for MultiCAD magazine (Australia), Architectura (United States), also architectureBC and Amphora (British Columbia). He was the feature artist in Amphora 135. Under the imprint of Sim Publishing he publishes pamphlets of his own illustrations, limited edition relief prints, greeting cards, and autobiographical stories. He also publishes Art & Artists in Exhibition: Vancouver 1890 - 1950, a CD-ROM compilation of information on early Vancouver art and artists. Sim is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, Malaspina Printmakers Society, the Alcuin Society, and the Architectural Institute of British Columbia. He is professionally employed as a Senior Architectural Technologist and Construction Administrator with DGBK Architects in Vancouver, B.C.

Simard, Claude A. (1943- )
Claude Simard was born in Quebec City in 1943. He graduated from the Ontario College of Art in 1966. His work depicts garden scenes, landscapes, still lifes and the human figure in a bright and boldly coloured manner. Claude Simard supplied the artwork for 8 postage stamps printed by Canada Post Corporation and published as postcards for “Québec en fleurs 97”, an International Flower Exhibition.. “A Dictionary of Canadian Artists”, Vol. 5.

Simard, Jean (1916-2005)
Jean Simard was born in Quebec City in 1916. He studied Classics at the Petit Séminaire of Quebec and then attended the École des Beaux Arts in Montreal, graduating in 1939. He later taught at l’École des Beaux Art. Between 1947 and 1957, Jean Simard supplied 33 watercolour drawings to Production Lacia Enrg. in Quebec City for a 38 postcard set “des métiers traditionnels et des scenes folkloriques.” (Répertoire de l’éditeur “Production Lacia” by Serge Juneau)

Simon, Ellen Rosalie 1916-

Simon Ng,

Simonski, SC
Designed cover of Diane of Villeneuve, published by Briggs ca 1899. [source - Bookseller and stationer [Vol. 14, no. 12 (Dec. 1898)]

Simpkins, Henry John 1906-

Simpkins, James
cartoonist, Spectator 1963

Simpson, Charles Walter (1878-1942)
Charles Walter Simpson was born in Montreal in 1878. He studied under William Brymner, Edmond Dyonnet and Maurice Cullen at the Art Association of Montreal; and under B.G. Bridgman and W. A. Clark at the Art Students' League, New York City, New York. Working in oil, goache, pencil, ink, etching, and tempera, in an Impressionist style, his subjects include landscape, farm house, portraits, coastal scenes, and villages. He also painted in Alberta for the Canadian Pacific Railway. Beginning in January 1918, he served with Canadian forces in the First World War. Simpson came to the attention of Lord Beaverbrook, who arranged for him to be commissioned as an "official war artist" along with Frederick Varley, J.W. Beatty and Maurice Cullen. Charles Simpson contributed numerous illustrations to Valentine & Sons’ Publishing Co. Ltd. of Montreal and Toronto for reproduction in the Canadian, Canadian Child Studies and other series of postcards in the period 1906-1909. “A Dictionary of Canadian Artists”, Vol. 8, Part 1.

Simpson Elizabeth

Smith Brian was born in 1945 in London , Ontario … His mother, a respected fashion illustrator, … graduating from OCA in 1969… founded [graphic design] company, LOGOSBRANDS…Throughout his fine art career, Smith¹s principle interest has been in the human figure. … instructor in life drawing and portrait workshops throughout Southern Ontario . … [Does] commissioned portraits. … In 2002 Smith became an instructor at Haliburton School of The Arts [and] … Ontario College of Art and Design…. [and] Koffler Centre in Toronto. www.drawn2life.com" [source - Cdn Drawing Masters]

Sinclair, Alex 1922-

Sinclair, Chris H.
Ill'd fiction in Farmer's Magazine
NOTE: unknown if actually Canadian

Sinclair, Sylvia Aubrey 1924-

Sis-hu-lk 1920-

Skuce, Lou 1886-1951
Newspaper cartoonist; Comics artist employed at Bell Features in 1940s [source - John Bell, Collections Canada]

Slater, Doris
Ill'd for Canadian Home Journal in 1940s [source - Jaleen Grove]
Was comics artist in 1940s [source - John Bell, National Library & Archives http://collectionscanada.gc.ca/comics/027002-8300-e.html]

Slavin Bill– children’s books -

Sloan, Charles William 1929-

Sloan, Mack, d. 2005, in his 85th year

Commercial artist until 1973, then landscape painter and water colour artist

Smalley, Thomas ‘Tom’
Tom Smalley self-published a number of his watercolours of Sherbrooke, Quebec as postcards c. 1975. Tom Smalley provided illustations for “A History of the Church of St. Barnabas, St Lambert, Quebec” by Norma Stanley, 1977 and “Compilation des missions et desserts protestantes dans les Cantons de l’Est”, by SGCE, 2002.

Smart, Leslie E. 1921-1998

Smart, Sam

Smith, Arthur Gordon 1901- murals

Smith, Bernard R.
Was based in Winnipeg; completed Famous Artists courses ( source - Famous Artists Magazine (Vol. 5, No. 3, Spring 1957)

Smith, Elmer Boyd b. 1860 in St John, New Brunswick; died 1943 Connecticut
Raised in Boston and effectively American his whole life. Author-illustrator known for children's books. [source - biography

Smith, Gordon Appelbe 1919- murals

Smith, Hall K. born Calgary died Winnipeg?
"Hall Smith was one of a very select group of commercial artists who specialized in illustrating the human figure for the fashion content of catalogues. His drawings and watercolour paintings appeared in countless Canadian catalogues published from 1927 to 1968, for companies such as the T. Eaton Co. (Eaton's) and the Great Western Garment Company (GWG)." Taught at Winnipeg School of Art; worked also at Brigdens in Winnipeg. Smith also illustrated many "pretty girl" heads for 1930s magazines especially National Home Monthly [source - Keith B. Smith, http://gwg2.kobotdev.com/en/marketing/gwgarthttp://gwg2.kobotdev.com/en/marketing/gwgart].

Smith, Jerome H.- b. Pleasant Valley, Illinois, 1861 - 1942
Attended art school in Chicago, published illo in The Rambler of Chicago, then was staff at Judge and Leslie'sWeekly, specialized in Western themes. Went to Paris for two years after 1890; later settled in British Columbia, married to a Native woman. Began to work in oils, mostly Western subjects. His earlier scenes were reprinted into the '30s. (source: Artists and Illustrators of the West by Robert Taft, p 232).

Smith, Lawrence
Not yet verified as Canadian. Ill'd for Canadian Home Journal, 1930s, both fiction and editorial.

Smith, Leslie Victor - born 1880 Simcoe Ontario, died 1952
Unknown what if anything he illustrated, but he owned a copy of The Art of Illustration by Edmund J. Sullivan, a very technical book on illustration. His bookplate inside the cover indicates he was of Loyalist ancestry. The bookplate, an academic rendering of winged Victory, is an etching signed "LVS 1929". [source - Jaleen Grove; CHIN]

Smith, Lewis Edward 1871-1926

Smith, Murray - b. London Ont. 1926
Worked in Toronto in 1950; illustrated for New Liberty.

Smith Neville,
Poster designer (source - Dimson, Great Canadian Posters)

Smith, J. Merle 1921-
Ill'd children's textbooks for Thomas Nelson and Sons (Canada), 1960.

Smith, Ron
Ill'd for Family herald and weekly star, 1946

Smith, Stanley
From Hamilton, went to NY to study at Art Students League 1934. [source - letter from Robert Davis to Arthur W Brown; Society of Illustrators archives]

Smyth, Fiona

Snelgrove, Charles Reginald 1894-1940
Worked on comic Strip "Robin Hood".

Snider Stephen

Sokcevic, Nicholas J. 1915-

Sollogoub, Nicolas 1929- murals

Soop, Everett 1943-2001, Alberta
Cartoonist for Kainai News 1968-1986, a newspaper published by the Blood First Nations. Known for uncompromising views and indefatigable work on native rights and the rights of the disabled. A documentary titled Wheels was made about him in 1998. Works are in the Glenbow and Library and Archives Canada. [source - http://www.ammsa.com/content/everett-soop-footprints]

Sostay, Ethel 1918-

Southwell, George Henry. 1865-1961 murals

Sova, Luule 1920-

Sparrow, Don
Publications in which he has been published include Computer Arts magazine [1], NUVO magazine [2], Ohio magazine [3] and several others. He trained at Canada's prestigious Sheridan College under the tutelage of such renowned illustrators as Joe Morse [4], Gary Taxali [5], Christoph Niemann [6] and Kathryn Adams [7].
His work has been shown in exhibitions in Hamilton, Ontario, Oakville, Ontario, and Saskatoon's Mendel Art Gallery [source - wikipedia]

Spehar, Ed 1927- murals

Spencer, Gordon Robert 1925-

Springer, Florence (Miss), Toronto
Listed as illustrator in Women of Canada, 1900

Springett, Louis Charles 1853-1940

Springett, Martin - children's books

Spurling, John Robert

nautical ill for HBC

Stacey, Harold Oswald, 1909 (Toronto)-1968
Specialised in Ontario and Quebec landscapes
Educated at Ontario College of Art
Member, OSA, many exhibits
Member, Arts and Letters Club, President 1964-66.
Art used on Christmas greeting cards

Stackhouse, James C.

Stackhouse, James Charles1924-2008

Stafford-Snider Jackie

Stahl Ben F.
son of famous American illustrator Ben A. Stahl; resident of PEI; designed the postage stamp of Anne of Green Gables.

Stanley Anne
Style: vibrant, fun, detailed, cartoonish - line and Dr. Martin's Dyes, maps, children's books, advertising.
Born 1963. Education: The Alberta College of Art & The Ontario College of Art and Design, grad. 1987
Works in Toronto. Clients include: IBM, Seagram's, Purolator, Petro-Canada, London Underground Transit, Air Miles.

Stanton, Dean. Vancouver. Vector.

Staples, Owen Rostap - b. England 1866-Dec. 6, 1949 Toronto
Immigrated to Canada age 6. Listed on CHIN as a mural artist. Was cartoonist for newspapers, on stff of Toronto Telegram for over 60 years. Trained in Rochester, NY, Philadelphia, Toronto. Exhibited at Chicago World's Fair (1893?), St Louis Expo, galleries in London, Liverpool, and elsewhere. Was paralyzed three years before death on right side of body and so painted with left hand after that. Curated John Ross Robertson collection of paintings of Toronto landmarks. [source: NY Times obit]

Stapleton Archibald Bruce - Born: 19 July 1910 Stratford Ontario Canada; Died 1981
worked on Confederation Life series
Illo fiction Canadian Home Journal 1947
War posters
Archibald Stapleton supplied four oil paintings to the Canadian Red Cross Society during World War II for reproduction as postcards of a patriotic design.

Stark, William Redver (W.R.), 1885-1953

Artist and graphic illustrator.
Collection of about 480 sketches done in England, France and Belgium, 1916-1918, during WWI, in National Archives.
Illustrated Bebe, Marie et Jean by Edgar and Frances Shelley Wees, published by Gage in 1940, along with illustrations by Mary Hyrchenuk.
Provided illustrations for Canadian Boy and The Child's Own. Also Highroads to Reading, Book 5.

Starr, Carter B., M.A., Ph.D.

Illustrated Canoe trip camping by Ronald H. Perry. Published in Toronto by J.M. Dent and Sons, 1953. Info. about academic degrees comes from title page.
Wrote and illustrated a pamphlet entitled Putting it across, published by Boy Scouts Association, Ottawa, 1949.
There is correspondence about a movie that Starr was producing: Camping with a canoe, between 1946 and 1949, in Trent University Archives, Ronald H Perry Fonds, box 2, folder 9.
Also in Trent Archives, pen and ink sketches by Starr, box 4, file 2.

Steacy , Ken.
KEN STEACY is a Canadian Air Force brat who decided at age eleven to become a professional comic book artist. He pursued this intent until the magic moment occurred in 1974 with the publication of Super Student, a two page strip that he wrote, penciled, inked and lettered. This holistic approach has been a hallmark of his work ever since, true to his belief that specialization is for insects, not artists.

He studied film and video as analogies to the sequential narrative at The Ontario College of Art and Design, but drove his profs crazy by turning in comic strips instead of film or video. They finally figured out what he was up to and awarded him a pile of scholarships, including the Lieutenant Governor's medal. Since then he has written and illustrated the exploits of practically every popular character you could name, including Astro Boy, Batman, Superman, Spider-man and X-Men. His four major works in print are: The Sacred & the Profane (co-authored by Dean Motter), Night and the Enemy (stories by Harlan Ellison), Megapowers (written by physicist Jack Weyland) and Tempus Fugitive (which he did all by himself).

Ken spent two intense years at SANCTUARY WOODS MULTIMEDIA creating, producing, directing and illustrating The Awesome Adventures of Victor Vector & Yondo, an edutainment CD-ROM series for kids. He later produced a three issue comic book mini-series chronicling the further adventures of VV&Y in print. He has worked for many years with LUCASFILM, producing stories and computer-rendered illustrations for Star Wars children's books, and has collaborated on numerous occasions with author Douglas Coupland.

A series of his paintings depicting the peacetime activities of navigators in the Canadian Armed Forces is part of the permanent collection of the National War Museum in Ottawa. CHRONICLE BOOKS has released Brightwork, a celebration of classic American car ornamentation which Ken wrote, designed and art directed. He recently produced all of the display artwork for the Space Place gallery at Edmonton's Telus World of Science, designed the sets and promotional material for a production of West Side Story, and painted a stack of Harry Potter trading cards.

Ken is very happily married to artist Joan Steacy and they have two terrific kids, Alex and Raymond. Together they have launched TOM McBOMB PRODUCTIONS INC. a content provider for digital video, on-demand books & periodicals, and other way-cool stuff. www.kenspublishing.com

Steele, Ted
Comics artist employed at Bell Features [source - John Bell, Collections Canada]

Stefoff, Wally
Hazelton Lanes poster (source - Dimson, Great Canadian Posters)

Stein, Syd
"Robin Hood" comic strip, 1940s

Stephens, Douglas 1918-1967

Stevenson, NB
Ill'd children's story for Family Herald and Weekly Star 1936

Stewart, Claire 1910-2008
Attended OCA 1928-1932. Much influenced by Group of Seven.
Created patriotic war posters during WWII.
Did covers and 'decorations' for Robertson Davies' The table talk of Samuel Marchbanks and Leaven of malice.
Highly regarded illustrator featured in Graphis magazine (1954). Very modern style. Clients included Bell, Toronto Star Weekly.

Stewart J.W.
"He joined the AIIQ in 1984 and later served as a member of the executive committee for five terms. Stewart coordinated production of the 1989 and 1990 editions of Illustration Québec, defining the format that the repertoire follows to this day. His work runs the gamut of professional illustration, appearing in everything from The New Yorker, The Atlantic Monthly, The Boston Globe, Scientific American, Forbes, Fortune, The Utne Reader, and many other publications, to annual reports and advertisements. He has won numerous awards and citations, and his work has been shown in the Communication Arts Illustration Annual and The New York City Society of Illustrators Annual Exhibition." [source - AIIQ]

Stewart Neil

Stockelbach, Lavonia 1874-1966

Stone, Dorothy Charlotte 1905-

Stone, Maud Morrison fl 1920s

With J.S. Morrison, illustrated a historical comic strip, "This Canada of Ours", published in many newspapers across Canada between May 2, 1925 and May 23, 1929.
The collection was later published with the same title and added commentary, by The Musson Book Company, in 1929. Ref. http://john-adcock.blogspot.ca
Maud was a Toronto-based writer.

Storr, Carter B. 1910-

Stowell, Jennifer 1919-2006 murals

Sudden, Alan - 1924-2000
Was Fine Arts librarian at Toronto Ref Library; ill a few books

Straker, Alex
ill'd for Chatelaine early 30s

Suhacev, Igor P 1925- murals

Sullivan, Miss Beatrice - St Vincent St Toronto
Listed as Illustrator in Women of Canada, 1900

Summers, Mark,

Surrey, Philip
War posters

Sutherland, Frederick William 1860-1920

Sutherland, Ida Margarite Dagmar Russell Unknown-1944

Suzor-Côté, Marc-Aurèle de Foy 1869-1937 - ill Maria Chapdelaine 1916

Suzuki Robert

Swartz, Anne Isabelle McQuire Swartz (Belle) b. Parry Sound 1921-2006 Toronto, was an abstract expressionist painter who graduated from the Ontario College of Art in 1946. While at O.C.A. Belle worked with Group of Seven Members Franklin Carmichael and Frederick Varley. After graduation, she worked with Painters Eleven painters Jock MacDonald and Harold Town. She was represented by the Pennell Art Gallery in Toronto’s Yorkville Art District. She was a member of the Society of Canadian Artists and the Heliconian Club in Toronto. She was the Vice President of the Commercial Art Company Windsor Art Studios Ltd. from 1948-1974. Belle also taught Life Drawing and Advanced Painting at Humber College. Though Belle worked in many mediums including watercolor, oil pastels, graphite and acrylics, she is best known for her large oil palette knife paintings. website

Swartz Courtlandt
Courtlandt is currently a Visual Arts Major at the Ontario College of Art and Design University and the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto. His favorite medium to work with is Acrylic paint, though he has illustrated the book, “My Best Friend Papa,” and the 2010 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair poster using Plasticine. Courtlandt's illustrations are often realistic with great attention to detail, though his poster is simplified and charming. His most popular works are his Tall Ships, Steam Engines and Urban Landscapes.

Sweet, John S. -
Studied at Hamilton Tech School under JS Gordon, Hortense Gordon and John Sloan. Then studied with John Russell, and at Art Students League of New York. Active circa 1950.

Symons, Robert David 1898-1973 - midcentury kidsbooks

Szasz, Endre 1926-2003

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