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Qarliksaq, Harold - born 1928; died 1980
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Qiatsuk, Lukta 1928-2004

Qinnuayuak, Tikituk 1908-1992

Quenneville, Eve
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Quinlan Stephen

Quiroz, Juan Gomez
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Quppapik, Simeonie
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Rabjohn, Russell Hughes. Born Jan. 1, 1898, died Dec. 31, 1977.
Russell left school after about grade 8 about to pursue an art career. He signed onto a 5-year apprenticeship with J. L. Jones Engraving Company in
Toronto, while continuing his art training at the Normal School and the Ontario College of Art. His art education was interrupted in 1916 when he joined the army. While stationed in Europe, he kept a diary. Following his discharge, he rejoined J. L. Jones. After experience with several other art companies, he established his own company in 1926, Rabjohn Advertising Artists. In 1930, Rabjohn Illustrators Ltd. was established, and was incorporated in 1934. Rabjohn Illustrators was a prominent commercial art firm serving many well known Toronto businesses for 3 decades. In 1963, Russell went into semi retirement. He illustrated his war diary, and published "A Canadian Soldier's Diary" in 1977. The diary and illustrations are in the collection of the Canadian War Museum. He continued his art on a freelance basis until the year of his death. [source: grandson]

Racey, Arthur George 1870-1941
Cartoons in Montreal Star; ill'd book The Moon
Ill'd for Family herald and weekly star More info from John Adcock's Punch in Canada

Racicot, Hélène
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Radford, Ruth
Two paintings have come up at Lunds Auction in Victoria; assumed Canadian.

Rae, George Menendez - born ca. 1913; died 1992
"George Rae was born in New York City, but lived most of his life in Canada. During the 1940s and 1950s, Rae was active as a freelance illustrator and designer. His work appeared in a variety of publications, including comic books and pulp magazines. He was also responsible for the artwork featured in a noted set of trading cards – Lowney's Sports: Yesterday and Today. In March 1943, Rae's national superhero, Canada Jack, made his debut in Educational Projects' Canadian Heroes. Although Rae was one of the most accomplished artists active during the Canadian Golden Age of Comics, he had no desire to continue working in the comics field following the demise of Educational Projects in the late 1940s. Later in his career, Rae became increasingly active as a fine artist, working in oils, watercolours and acrylics. A former president of the Arts Club of Montreal, he was particularly noted for his contributions to the arts in his home community of St. Bruno. His paintings are included in numerous corporate and private collections throughout North America." [source - John Bell, Collections Canada http://collectionscanada.gc.ca/superheroes/t3-403-e.html]

Raeside, Adrian - born 1958;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Rahn, Elita
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Raicus, Ethel, 1920-2006
Graduated from Central Technical School in Commercial Art, and from OCA in Industrial Design.
Worked in both Commercial Art and Industrial Design.

Ralph, Max

Rampen, Leo - - midcentury kidsbooks

Rand, Paul
Active in Vancouver. Taught at Polytechnic school with Otto Schellenberger 1937-8, joined commercial art studio with Jim Dickie. Art director at Sun Publishing, and then at Evergreen Press until 1965. [source - Rand's fonds, via Gary Sim].

Ranson , David,
"a well renowned Winnipeg artist whose aviation works have been featured throughout Winnipeg including the Western Canada Aviation Museum and Portage Place. Like his subject, Mr. Ranson’s life tells a tumultuous tale of conflict and victory. Mr. Ransom is blind in one eye from an accident in his youth, was born colour-blind and suffers severe tremors in his right arm that has forced him to slow down his artwork. … Mr. Ranson became most reputable as a political cartoonist and a war artist with the Winnipeg Free Press. His early childhood love for art has brought Mr. Ranson to such career paths as a freelance artist in Montreal to a commercial artist for Air Canada. David Ranson’s works are currently on display in Aviation Museum, in the foyer of 1 CAD headquarters, and in the library of the new 17 Wing Museum." [source - Wing News, Dept National Defense]

Raphael, William - born 1833; died 1914
- Picturesque Canada

Rasmussen Gerry - comic "Betty"

Ray, George F.

Rayner, W. Gordon

Rebach, Joseph 1929- murals

Reczuch Karen– children’s books -

Redman, Steve
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Reed, Egbert C.
Doing a lot of decorative illustration c 1914-15 for Maclean's

Rees; died Bally, Jane
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Reid Barbara; - – children’s books - Governor General award winner

Reid, Bill -
Famous Native artist

Reidford, James Greig (Jamie) - b 1911
Ill'd an article for Canadian Home Journal March 1932 [source - Jaleen Grove]

Reilly, Gerald Nelson - born 1931;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Renière, Guylaine
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Reuter, Gus,
Did linotype engravings for Hetty Dorval, by Ethel Wilson. Vancouver, The Alcuin Society, 1967.

Revell, Ernest John, 1934-
Illustrates flowers. Illustrated 'And some brought flowers': plants in a new world. University of Toronto Press, 1980.

Reynolds, Peter - b Canada, raised New England
children's books

Ricci Regolo – children’s books -

Rice; died Jones, Peter 2001
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Rich, Norman D. - born 1942;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Richard, John.
Active in Toronto around 1952, doing art under direction of Eric Aldwinckle. [source: Globe and Mail article 1952].

Richards, Fiona
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Richardson, Aileen/Eileen -
Chatelaine, Liberty, JM Dent & Sons, Cdn Homes and Gardens; regular illustrator for Canadian Home Journal

Richardson, Tasman
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Richmond, John
Toronto area? 1950s

Rickard, George P.
George Rickard self-published a number of his pencil sketches as postcards in the 1970’s. He also supplied a sketch to the Longpoint Region Conservation Authority for reproduction as a postcard in 1976.George P. Rickard is the author of “Sketching Rambles in Ontario: A Collection of Pen and Ink Drawings. Volume 1”, 1977 and “Sketching Rambles in Ontario: A Collection of Pen and Ink Drawings. Volume Two”, 1981.

Ridpath, James W.
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Riegler, Dan - born 1954;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Rigby, Garry
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Rines, Lynne
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Riseborough, Douglas 1922- murals

Ritchel, John 1913- murals

Ritchie, Donald
Employed by the Calgary Eye Opener

Ritchie, Percival M. (Percival Molson) 1917-2004 murals

Roberts, William Griffith 1921-2001

Robinson, Albert Henry - associated w G7. Hamilton. b 1881 d 1956 - kground: Albert Robinson sent two canvasses to the first Group of Seven exhibition in 1919, neither of which has been possible to locate. The painting shown here Noontime, Longue Pointe Village had been exhibited the month before. This work is a strong and expressive painting and marked Robinson as one of the boldest innovators working in Montreal at that time. [Ref: The Group of Seven: Art for a Nation, National Gallery of Canada, Charles C. Hill, McClelland & Stewart, p.312, 1995]
Rodewalt, Vance - comic

Robinson, Michael Robert (Two Rivers) 1948-2010
Metis artist, of Cree ancestry
Self taught in illustration.
Illustrated Leo Sawicki's Anytime stories, Penumbra Press, 1986. Wrote poetry books that he illustrated.

Rodrigues Teco

Roe, Barbara - see Hicklin, Barbara Roe

Rogers, Hubert 1898-1982
War posters

Rogers, Reginald Hubert

Rohrhirsch, Eric 1906-

Rolph, JT
"English-born watercolourist J.T. Rolph's engraving and lithography [house] Rolph, Smith and Co merged with Stone Ltd to form Rolph-Clark-Stone in 1917" [source - http://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.com/index.cfm?PgNm=TCE&Params=A1SEC821480]

Roschkov Vic, - political cartoon

Rose, Dennis
Toronto based

Ross, Ella Isobel, died in 2000, aged 88.
Medical illustrator
Graduated OCA 1936.
1937-39, studied at Dept. of Art as Applied to Medicine, at Johns Hopkins U.
Worked as medical illustrator at University of Toronto and at Sunnybrook Hospital
Highly regarded illustrations appeared in many medical journals and books, including Grant's Atlas of Anatomy, 1978.
1977, first recipient of the Maria T. Wishart Award of Excellence in Medical Illustration.
[info, from obit. in Toronto Star]

Ross, Frederick Joseph 1927- murals

Rossell, Leonard 1880-1953

Rousseau, Joseph-Thomas 1852- murals

Rowley, FW
Ill'd articles related to housekeeping for Canadian Home Journal, 1931 [source - Jaleen Grove]
Unverified as Canadian

Ruddick, Dorothy Cole 1925- murals, ill/design

Ruhl, Greg

Russell, Bill –
"Bill Russell has been an illustrator and painter for almost 30 years. Born in Canada, Bill has published his scratchboard illustrations nationally in many books, magazines and newspapers. He is a staff illustrator for the San Francisco Chronicle, and for eight years Bill was an adjunct professor of Illustration at CCA (formerly California College of Arts and Crafts). His work has been included in numerous group shows at The New York Society of Illustrators, The San Francisco Society of Illustrators, The Toronto Art Director's Club and last year had a solo show at the Branson School in Ross. Bill Russell received his BFA in illustration from Parsons School of Design in New York City, where he studied with Maurice Sendak and Larry Rivers. He is represented by Reactor of Toronto." http://www.billustration.com/ [source - http://www.sfghf.net/bio_russell.php]

Russell, George Horne (1861-1933)
George Horne Russell was born in Banff, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, he studied at the Aberdeen School of Art and the South Kensington School of Art. In 1889, he moved to Canada settling in Montreal. From 1922 to 1926, he was the president of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. George Horne Russell supplied artwork to The Valentine & Sons Publishing Co., Ltd., of Montreal and Toronto for reproduction on numerous postcards. An Adirondack Mountain series of four views; a Sporting Series of six views, a Canadian Camp Life of six views are typical. Various portraits and patriotic studies were also published as singles. G. Horne Russell provided the cover illustration for The Canadian Magazine of November, 1917

Russell, Janette H
Ill'd cover art and children's material for Chatelaine 1931

Russell, John Wentworth - 1879-1959- John Wentworth Russell, artist, was born in Binbrook, Wentworth County, Ont. He studied in Paris and exhibited regularly at the Paris Salon des Artistes franÁais. In 1911 he settled in Toronto. In 1932 he opened the John Russell School of Fine Art in Toronto. See: Morgan: Canadian Men and Women of The Time, 1912, p. 983. - Lengthy bio. in MacDonald
ptt, ls

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