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Oakley, Fred

Oakley, Jacqui
Grad Sheridan; teaches OCAD

O'Brien, LR
- Picturesque Canada art director

Oddsson, Arthur Warren - born 1958; died 2001
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Odell, or O'Dell, Gordon K. (active 1921-1954)
War posters; Shows distinct influence of Leyendecker on his 1930s Tooke Bros shirts ads.

Oehter, Bernice. Possibly Oehler? Not sure if she is Canadian. One of several illustrators of The Canadian Book of Prose and Verse by Lorne Pierce and Dora Whitefield. Toronto, Ryerson Press, 1927-30. 3 volumes.

Oesterreich, August 1905
- murals

Ogilvie OR more likely, Ogilvy, William Abernethy 1901-1989
Worked at Brigden's 1920s [source - York Wilson's bio]
Ill'd for Chatelaine, 1929

Ogison, Philip
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Oglan, Gordon

Designed and illustrated Jessie L. Beattie's A Season Past. Toronto, McClelland and Stewart, 1968.

Oh, Charlotte//

O’Henly, John Donald 1923
- murals

Ohi, Ruth - born 1965;
children’s books -

Oille, Lucille Wells - born 1912; died 1997

Oliphant, Glenn William
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

O’Neill, Catharine - born 1950;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

O’Neill, Dan - born 1955;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Ormerod, Jan - born 1947;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Orpen, Gavin

Osborne, Dennis Henry 1919- murals

Osinczuk, Michael 1890- murals

Ossowski, Romuald
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Oudemans, Michiel - born 1950;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Ouellet, Joanne - born 1958;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Ouellette, Michelle
Children's Book Illustrator and animator

Outram, Barbara - 1926-2001?
Barbara Howard was born in Long Branch, Ontario in 1926 and studied at Western Technical School in Toronto, the Ontario College of Art and St. Martin’s School in London, England. Howard is a painter and printmaker, and a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. She was the wife of Richard Outram. Founded in 1960, Gauntlet Press is the personal press of poet Richard Outram and his artist/wife Barbara Howard. The Press publishes Outram’s poetry, illustrated by Howard’s wood engravings. The earliest productions were broadsides and cards, but books of poetry have also been issued, including "Thresholds" (1973), "Locus" (1974), "Arbor" (1976), "Around and about the Toronto Islands" (1993), "Peripatetics: Some Annotations, Glosses and Divers Comments upon Around & about the Toronto Islands" (1994) and "Tradecraft and Other Uncollected Poems" (1994). These carefully crafted editions are printed on handmade paper and bound by the Outrams themselves. [source - Nat'l Library and Archives]

Outram, Richard
Worked on set design at CBC; made fine books; husband of Barbara Outram

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