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Naccache, Ziad - born 1980;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Nanooch, Henry
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Prolific Inuit graphic artist. Mother of Annie Pootoogook

Nasmith, Eric Anderson - Born: 1916
Liberty Magazine

Naughton, JH

Nault, Francine
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Neff, Wesley - born Toronto circa 1900
Moved to Detroit age 18; illustrator for over 40 years; instructor with Famous Artists; settled in Norwalk; also has fine art practice [source - Famous Artists biography]

Nelson, Bob
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Nelson, Norma - born 1953;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Ness, Alexander 2002
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Neufeld, Woldemar (1909-2002)
Woldemar Neufeld was born of German-speaking Mennonites in Waldheim, Russia. He emigrated to Canada in 1924 and at age 15 settled in Waterloo, Ontario. He attended Waterloo College, (now Sir Wilfred University). Upon graduation from the college school in 1930, Neufeld enjoyed a career as an independent artist, living and working in Waterloo, Toronto and Vancouver. He helped found the Art Society of Kitchener, an artist collective. He began taking ambitious sketching trips to northern Ontario, and short visits to see his sister in the United States. During one of these visits, Neufeld decided to enroll at the Art Institute in Cleveland, Ohio, and so came to spend the rest of his career in the U.S.A. After spending a decade chronicling the area surrounding Cleveland in his paintings, Neufeld moved to New York City in 1945. Settling into a studio on the Upper East Side, Neufeld established himself as an artist and instructor along the city's East River. Woldemar Neufeld supplied wood-cuts to The American Print Studio in Cleveland, Ohio for a set of 10 or more postcards.

Newcombe, William John Bertram- Born: 1907; Died: 1969
Painting;Watercolour;Printmaking [source - CHIN]
Illo in Canadian Home Journal, 1947, for his wife's articles on Mexican themes. [source - Jaleen Grove]
"Margaret (von Alvensleben) NEWCOMBE Died July 21, 2004 … Born on September 21, 1909. A graduate of the U of W School of Journalism in 1931, she was awarded the Col. Blethen scholarship by The Seattle Times. Earned a living by her typewriter most of her life, reporter, women's editor, magazine editor, P.R., etc. Worked for the Canadian Red Cross, Canadian Arthritis Foundation, Washington State Nurses Association, Seattle Times, Vancouver Daily Province, Silver Star Weekly in London, etc. She lived abroad with her husband, Canadian artist W.J.B. Newcombe, in Canada, Mexico, Spain and England for several years, helping promote and arrange exhibitions of his paintings. In 1956-57, she was second in command of a refugee camp for Hungarian refugees in Central England under the auspices of the Red Cross…." [source - Seattle Times, August 8, 2004 - http://www.michaelkluckner.com/bciw10stewart.html]

Newhook, Christopher - born 1968;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Newland , Marv -animator- (head of International Rocketship)

Newton, Lee
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Newfeld or Neufeld, Frank– 1928
children’s books - Alligator Pie etc by Dennis Lee
Staff illustrator at McLelland & Stewart for New Canadian Library series

Newton, Lilias Torrance (1896-1980)
Lilias Torrance Newton was born at Lachine, Quebec in 1896. She enrolled at an early age at the Art Association of Montreal, where she studied under William Brymner (1855-1925). She later studied with the Polish-born artist Alfred Wolmark (1877-1961) in London and Alexandre Jacovleff (1887-1938) in Paris. In 1921 Lilias Torrance married Captain Frederick G. Newton. Their only child, Francis Forbes, was born in 1926. Lilias Torrance Newton made a career out of painting notable Canadians, including portraits of fellow artists and friends in the art world. Her most famous commission was for portraits of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh. Lilias Newton supplied two portraits to the Civilian Director of Recruiting for the Canadian Army in 1942 for reproduction as postcards. “A Dictionary of Canadian Artists”, Vol. 5.

Newton-White, Muriel Elizabeth 1928- murals,

Ng, Simon
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Nicholls Calvin

Nicholls, Chuck
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Nichols, Jack
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Nickell, Ruth
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Nicolas, Louis - born 1634; died 1678
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Nicolet, Frank Lucien - Born 1887
"Although somewhat larger than most miniature portraits at 243mm x 165mm, this is a stunning miniature portrait by Frank L Nicolet (1889-?) of Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) standing by his most famous sculpture. It shows Rodin around 1905….dated to 1902 and is part of the Victoria and Albert Museum Collection, see www.vam.ac.uk/…/rodin/other_rodin/index.html …As indicated below, it is even faintly possible that Nicolet painted the portrait from life, although Nicolet would have been only aged about 16 at the time the portrait relates to….It is more likely that Nicolet painted this miniature as an illustration for a magazine article, perhaps around the time of Rodin's death, but to date no such magazine article has been located. A reference to the artist F L Nicolet was found in Canada as the painter of this World War I Victory Bonds poster which is part of the Ontario Archives Collection at Canadian Posters from the First World War - Victory Bonds. It has been difficult to find further definite references to Nicolet as an artist, but it seems likely that he is the Frank Nicolet listed in the 1930 USA census as lodging in White Plains, Westchester, NY. He described himself as an artist who had arrived in America in 1912, having been born in England in 1889 of French and English parents. There is also a USA draft registration record of June 1917 completed by Frank L Nicolet born 21 October 1889 at Brighton, Sussex, England, who described himself an artist and at that time was living in New York. Although no record of him has been found in British census records, it may be that he was the son of Theophile Nicolet (1849-?) of St Etienne, France and Clara Clements (1860-?) his wife who was born on the Ganges, in India. They were married in JFM 1880 and are recorded in the 1891 census record, where Theophile Nicolet was a teacher of languages who lived in Brighton, Sussex, England with five children. … it is possible Frank Nicolet did meet Rodin in France before he moved to America…"
[source – Don Shelton at European Miniature Portraits, http://american-miniatures20c.blogspot.com/2008/05/nicolet-frank-lucien-portrait-of-rodin.html]
Ill. for Chatelaine, 1933

Nicoletti, Rodolfo 1914- murals

Niewenhuis, Douwe (Dow)
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Nitto, Tomio
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Nixey, Troy - born 1972;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Nincheri, Guido 1885-1973 murals

Niverville, Louis de - b at Andover, Eng 7 June 1933
"Self-taught, Niverville worked from 1957 to 1963 as a graphic designer for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Toronto alongside Dennis Burton and Graham Coughtry. The turning point in his work, when he considers he really started to paint, was in 1966-67 with a mural for Expo Theatre in Montréal." [source - Joan Murray, http://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.com/index.cfm?PgNm=TCE&Params=A1ARTA0005764]

Nobbs, Percy Erskine (1875-1964)
War posters

Noble, Dennis - fl 1967

Norfield, Clayton - born 1918;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Norman, Edward d’Aubigny - born 1911;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Norman, Pam
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Norrington, Harold

Norris, Leonard Matheson 1913-1997 - political cartoon

Norwell, Jeff

Norush, Colleen
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Novak, Lawrence
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Novotny, Ivan - born 1965;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Nugent Cynthia– children’s books -

Nutt, Ken- born 1951;
– children’s books -

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