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MacArthur, Helen
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

MacAulay, Gordon

MacDonald, Albert Angus 1909-1986 murals
worked in stained glass; worked in advertising and design departments at Eaton's and Simpson's

MacDonald, Blaine
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Macdonald, Evan - born 1905; died 1972
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN
Ill'd for Farmer's Magazine, 1940s

MacDonald, Evan Weekes
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Macdonald, Grant - 1909-1987
"Although largely unknown today, Canadian artist and illustrator Grant Macdonald shaped an international career during the mid-20th century as a theatre portraitist in New York, London, and later Stratford. The works exhibited here are selected from over five hundred housed at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre, that form a vast panorama of theatrical greats who dominated the American, British and Canadian stages, from the 1930s to the 1960s. Born in Montreal in 1909 and raised in Galt, Ontario, Macdonald studied at the Ontario College of Art and the Art Students’ League, New York. By all accounts extremely personable, he quickly gravitated to the Broadway scene, befriending its actors and sketching portraits for newspapers, magazines, playbills and posters. A visit to England drew him into London’ theatre orbit, and over the next decade he alternated between both capitals, capturing their stage stars in many of their signature roles. His peripatetic life slowed after 1947 when he moved to Kingston to care for his father; the opening of the Stratford Shakespearean Festival in 1953 brought him new commissions during the next decade." [source - Gallery Stratford:]
Also illustrated for Mayfair Magazine, and Chatelaine in 1930s

Macdonald, Grant Kenneth
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN
same as above?

Macdonald, J. E. H. (James Edward Hervey), 1873-1932 Toronto Art Students League; Carlton Studios; Group of Seven

MacDonald, JWG "Jock"

MacDonald , Manly - Born in Point Anne, Ontario, 15 August 1889 Died in Toronto, Ontario, 10 April 1971 - [NGC]

MacDonald, Ross - born 1957;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

MacDonald, Sheila
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

MacDonald, Terry - born 1960;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

MacDonald, Thoreau - born 1901; died 1989
JEH MacDonald's son; ill Cdn Forum; more associated with fine book illustration
Did drawings for The Loghouse Nest by Louise de Kiriline, Saunders, 1945.

MacDonald, Wallace - born 1919;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

MacDonald, Wilson - born 1880; died 1967
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

MacDougall, Kim
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

MacFarlane, Todd (Spiderman, Spawn)

Machida, Debra
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN


MacKay, Donald Cameron 1906-1979 murals

MacKellar, Duncan A., - d. 1903 - Toronto Art Students League

MacKenzie Stuart

Maclachlan Neil

MacLagan, David - born 1932;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

MacLellan, Charles Archibald - born Trenton Ont 1885, d. 1961
Educated at Art Inst of Chicago and then with Howard Pyle. Became popular illustrator of Sat Eve Post. Also completed many covers for Maclean's c 1920. [source - Wikipedia

Macleod, Marlene
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Maclure, Margaret Catherine - born Greenock, Scotland, 1869 - died Victoria, 1938
Ill'd Indian Legends by Martha Harris, 1901; married to architect Samuel Maclure [source - TS in A Woman's Place, edited by KA Finlay, 2004]

MacMechan, Archibald McKellar, 1862-1933 -
"Archibald McKellar MacMechan, professor and author, was born in Berlin, Ont., and educated at the University of Toronto and John Hopkins University. He was a professor of English at Dalhousie University from 1899, until shortly before his death. He was also the author of scholarly studies, two volumes of essays, poetry and several historical works, mostly on Nova Scotia. In 1932, he was awarded the Lorne Pierce Medal for distinguished service to Canadian literature. See: Encyclopedia Canadiana, Vol. 6, p. 295." [source: Nat'l Gallery and Archives] - prob amateur artist.

MacMillan, Michael
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Macnevin, Brian I.
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

MacPherson Duncan, Ian - 1924-1993
political cartoonist for Toronto Star for almost 35 years

MacPherson Orison - born 1898 Pictou Nova Scotia, died 1966
Studied at OCA and Art Students League; lived in New Rochelle; friends with Gruger, Booth; was AD on International magazine; ill'd Chatelaine [source - Who's Who in American Art]

MacRae Jock

Maggs , Arnaud - born 1926? - Canadian Homes & Gardens 1950s

Main, Stuart - Advertising Illustration
Montreal, Quebec

Majewski, Tadeusz - born Poland
MFA from Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland. Moved to Canada. Practices wide range of illustration types. Personal website:

Major, Henriette
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Major, Richard Walter - born 1899
ill for Chatelaine
started in engraving co in Toronto age 15; studied at Technical School and OCA; first story illo was for Chatelaine; has son [source - Chatelaine Feb 1932, p. 2]
"Born in Toronto, Ontario, Major studied under Alfred Howell at the Toronto Technical School; night classes with C.M. Manly and J.W. Beatty at the Ontario College of Art, Toronto; and under L.F. Grant and Thomas Benrimo in New York City. Working in oil, pastel and watercolour, his subjects include portraits, figure studies, landscape, still life and scenes of Old Toronto (1924-1933). He also illustrated stories for magazines such as Macleans, Chatelaine, Canadian Home Journal, and for school textbooks published by Dent and Macmillan. He worked at Grip Limited, Toronto in 1914, taught at the Vancouver School of Art from 1944, moved to Detroit, Michigan in 1953, then to Vancouver in 1966. He exhibited with the RCA in 1932, 1937, 1939 and 1940, and with the AAM in 1934-1941. His work is in the collections of the AGO, and Toronto City Archives." [source - The Collector's Dictionary of Canadian Artists at Auction: Volume III: M-R]

Makhes, Marcel
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Malcourronne, Kathleen Delacour - born 1885;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Malczyk, Charles 1909- murals

Malinsky, Charles – taught at ACAD

Malone, Mike, Advertising illustration
Montreal PQ

Mallette, Phil - born 1955;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Maltman, William Born: 21 June 1901 Southshields England; Died: 1971 Victoria British Columbia Canada
1901-1971 murals
Watercolour; Mural painting and decoration
Illustrated for National Home Monthly [source: Jaleen Grove]

Mangold, Carl 1901- murals

Manley, Steve
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Manly, Charles MacDonald, - 1855-1924 - Toronto Art Students League
Charles MacDonald Manly was born in Surrey, England in 1855 and emigrated to Toronto in 1876. He returned to Europe to study at the Metropolitan School of Art, Dublin (1881-84). On his return to Canada, he became a founding member of the Toronto Arts Students League. He taught at the Ontario College of Art and was a highly regarded illustrator, painter and engraver. Charles Manly supplied at least 30 paintings to Warwick Bro’s & Rutter, Limited of Toronto for reproduction as postcards in the period 1906-10. Charles Manly wrote and illustrated an article titled “Conestogo” for the May 1908 issue of ‘Canadian Magazine’.

Mann, Tony
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Mantha John

Marchant, Janet
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Marchiori, Carlos - born 1937;
- - midcentury kidsbooks; Stratford Festival posters 1966, 1967

Marden, John - midcentury kidsbooks

Mardon, Allan
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN. Educated OCAD, Edinburgh, Slade.
Ill'd for Canadian Weekly, 1965. Also for Sports Illustrated, McCall's, Ladies Home J. [source: Walt Reed, Illustrator in America].

Mardon, James

Mardon, John
commercial illustrator, bulk of work in newspaper advertising
also designed coins and stamps
OCA grad. in 1963
designed 1990 Canadian gold coin celebrating United Nations International Literacy Year.

Marinov, Liv Thorsland
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Ill'd fashion articles and general articles for Canadian Home Journal, 1930s; apparently collaborated with (and likely was married to) Victor Child, as some pieces are credited to them both.

Mark Summers,

Marquis, Huguette
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Marra Benjamin

Marrion, R.J. - military

Marshall, Barry - born 1947;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Marshall, Maureen 1921- murals

Martchenko , Michael - kidsbooks

Marten, Thomas - born 1880; died 1950
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Martin Doug,

Martin, John (Jack) - born 1904; died 1965
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Martin, Archibald Abernathy ,ca. 1876-1954 - Carlton Studios; Toronto Art Students League [see Greene, TG]

Martin, Thomas Mower - born 1838; died 1934
- adoptive father of AA Martin -
watercolour ls

Marvin, Dick

Mason, Muriel A.
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Mason, Ritha Elizabeth born 1937;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Mason-Browne Jane

Massey, Father Dunstan William Harold 1924- murals

Massicotte, Edmond Joseph - born 1875; died 1929
- Que culture
Edmund-Joseph Massicotte was born in Sainte-Cunégonge near Montréal, in 1875. He studied drawing and painting at the collège des Frères des écoles chrétiennes at Sainte- Cunégonge. About 24 pencil sketches of the artist Edmund Massicotte were reproduced by Librairie Beauchemin Ltée of Montreal in their “Canada Français” set of about 25 postcards published c. 1950.

Matheson, George Edward - born 1931;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Mathieu, Gilles
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Mathews, Richard George - Born: 16 July 1870 Montréal; Died: 1955
Worked published in Dominion Illustrated 1891; cartoon ink sketches and caricature

Matteson, Frank
note: can find no info - possibly not Canadian. Ill'd for Candian periodicals 1930s.

Matthews, John
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Matthews, Sharon
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Maw, S.H. [Samuel Herbert] 1881-1952
Illustrated for Mayfair Magazine

Maydanyk, Jacob - born 1892;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Mayer Denis Jr.

Mayerovitch, Harry - 1910-2004
war posters. Schooled by John Grierson (of NFB)
editorial cartoonist for The Montreal Standard and Le Jour
Member Canadian Society of Graphic Art

Mayhew, Emily
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Mayrs, Frank
Poster for Heritage Canada (source - Dimson, Great Canadian Posters)

McAdam, Jack - born 1935;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

McArthur, Daniel Carman, 1897-1967. Eldest son of Canadian author Peter McArthur. Worked as reporter for Toronto Globe, then became first Head of CBC Radio's National News Service.
Illustrated Bits ' bronze by Harold Campbell Mason, Allen, 1921

McCabe, Claudia Jean
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

McCall, Bruce
Left for US [source - Bob Stacey in Rex Woods speech ms]

McCall, ER (Ted) - 1901-1975
Comic artist, creator of Men of the Mounted in 1933; Robin Hood & Company 1935 [source - John Adcock]

McCallum, Raymond
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

McCallum Stephen– children’s books -

McCann, Michael (1947- )
Michael McCann won the Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize, for architectural illustration, in 2001. Along with leading architectural commissions, he has depicted major master plans for projects throughout the world, including Washington, DC, the Boston Seaport, and Lower Manhattan after 9/11. Michael McCann supplied architectural renderings to operators of Loews Le Concorde Hotel in Quebec City and management of Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto for reproduction as postcards in 1969 and c. 1982 respectively.

McCarron, Owen 1929-2005

McCarron, Owen - born 1929; died 2005
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

McCarthy, James Derrett - b. Vancouver 1927
Son of American illustrator James McCarthy. Signed Derrett to avoid confusion.
Raised in Toronto, attended Cenntral Tech and OCA. Illustrated for New Liberty, 1951.[source - New Liberty bio Sept 1951].

McCarthy, Kim - born 1959;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

McCay, Winsor Zenic b?? d. 1934
yes, the famous animator and comic strip artist
NOTE: birthplace disputed: Usually considered born September 1867 in Spring Lake, Michigan; but some argue born in Canada possibly as late as 1869

McCleary, Debbie
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

McClelland, Hugh
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

McConnell, Daryl - born 1952; died 1997
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

McCracken, Bill William 1910- murals

McCrea, Harold Wellington - Born: 13 January 1887 Peterborough Ontario Canada; Died: 1969
Spent a short time in NYC around 1929.

McCrow, William Frederick Jon 1913- murals

McCulloch, Gillian
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

McCully Emily Arnold– children’s books -

McDermott, Jacoba Limburg - born 1919 Haarlem, Holland, NL
Immigrated in 1947 to Montreal. Educated at Amsterdam at School of Art, worked as teacher in Rosemére Que., later, till recently at McGill (Art Centre? ) Montréal, as volunteer. [source - youngest brother]

McDermott, Mabel - b. Ireland circa 1915
Came to Canada at age 11, studied at Danforth Tech in Toronto, ill'd for Chatelaine (pretty-girl covers) in 1936. Portraits of babies. May have studied in Europe. [source - Chatelaine magazineMay 1936]

McDonnell Patrick

McEachen, Beth
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

McElroy, George - born 1919;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

McElroy, George Eldon - born 1878; died 1945
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

McFadden, Max - born 1941; died 2002
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

McFarlane, Jan 1925- murals

McGaw, Laurie - midcentury childrens books

McGill, HA - born Nova Scotia
left for NY; political cartoon, comics

McGraw, Sheila - born 1949;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

McIlhargey, Bob
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

McIsaac, James
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

McKale, Daniel - born 1951;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

McKay Dave

McKellar, Duncan A - born Middlesex, Ontario
Attended Strathroy CollegeInst, worked at Toronto News, moved to Saturday Night in 1887 where he was illustrator, drama critic, literary editor, and contributed 3 stories. After 1890 studied at Art Students League in NY [source - Nick Mount, When Canadian Literature Moved to NY, 56].

artist and author contributing to Life
[see FH Brigden in Printer & Publisher June 1895]

McKensie, Gary - born 1953;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

McKim, Sam - Born December 20, 1924; died 2004
"McKim came to Los Angeles as a young boy and became a child actor, working with many of the top stars of the day. … After serving in the U.S. Army in World War II, McKim enrolled in Art Center College of Design. The day after he graduated, he was called back to the Army to serve in Korea, where he earned several medals and honors, including the Distinguished Service Cross and the Bronze Star. Upon returning to the States, he took acting roles as well as advanced art classes at the Chouinard Art Institute. … As one of a select group of Disney theme park cartographers, McKim's “fun maps” charted the layouts of Disneyland (several editions), the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom, “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Tom Sawyer Island,” and Disneyland Paris. Following his retirement from Imagineering in 1987, McKim remained connected with WDI and Disney. In addition to appearances at Disney fan events and consulting work, his two sons both worked for Disney — Matt for Imagineering, and Brian for Feature Animation. He also continued to be active in the arts. His work can be found in the U.S. Air Force and L.A. County Sheriff Department Collections, as well as in private collections." [source - Disney Press Release]

McKinnell Michael

McKowen, Scott
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

McLaren, Alex L - (1892-1959)
War posters

McLaren, Brian
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

McLaren, Edith Booth

McLaren, Jack (John Wilson) - born 1896; died 1988
Pioneered the use of photographed 3d sculptures for illustrations in 1930s

McLaren, Judy
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

McLaughlin, Gary

McLaughlin, Mike - born 1949;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

McLean, George - wildlife

McLean, Gordon

McLean, Thomas Wesley Born: 1881; Died: 1951
Illustrations in Life and Literature, Book Two, Grade Eight, issued by Ontario Ministry of Education, 1937.
Assisted C.W. Jefferys with drawings for Picture Gallery of Canadian History, 3 volumes.
note: unknown if this is the same as "TW McLean" who has work appear in Canadian Home Journal, Jan 1929

McLeod Janet

McLeod, Rod
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

McLoughlin, Bernard 1925- murals

McLoughlin, Michele - born 1944;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

McMurray, Line
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

McNally, Edwin Dean - born 1916; died 1971
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

McNally, Jim
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

McNeill, Richard
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Mcpherson, Duncan

McRae, Ronald (Ronny)
Illustrated for Mayfair Magazine


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