MacDonald , Manly - [ngc] - Born in Point Anne, Ontario, 15 August 1889 Died in Toronto, Ontario, 10 April 1971

Macdonald, J. E. H. (James Edward Hervey), 1873-1932 Toronto Art Students League; Carlton Studios; Group of Seven

MacDonald, JWG "Jock"

MacDonald Ross

MacDonald, Thoreau - JEH MacDonald's son; ill Cdn Forum

MacFarlane, Todd (Spiderman, Spawn)


MacKellar, Duncan A., - d. 1903 - Toronto Art Students League

MacKenzie Stuart

MacMechan, Archibald McKellar, 1862-1933 -"Archibald McKellar MacMechan, professor and author, was born in Berlin, Ont., and educated at the University of Toronto and John Hopkins University. He was a professor of English at Dalhousie University from 1899, until shortly before his death. He was also the author of scholarly studies, two volumes of essays, poetry and several historical works, mostly on Nova Scotia. In 1932, he was awarded the Lorne Pierce Medal for distinguished service to Canadian literature. See: Encyclopedia Canadiana, Vol. 6, p. 295." [source: Nat'l Gallery and Archives] - prob amateur artist.

MacPherson Duncan, - political cartoon

Maggs , Arnaud - born 1926? - Canadian Homes & Gardens 1950s

Main, Stuart

Malinsky, Charles – taught at ACAD

Manly, Charles MacDonald, - 1855-1924 - Toronto Art Students League

Marchiori, Carlos - - midcentury kidsbooks

Marden, John - midcentury kidsbooks

Mardon, James

Mark Summers,

Marrion, R.J. - military

Martchenko , Michael - kidsbooks

Martchenko, Mike

Martin Doug,

Martin John,

Martin, Archibald Abernathy ,ca. 1876-1954 - Carlton Studios; Toronto Art Students League [see Greene, TG]

Martin, Thomas Mower - adoptive father of AA Martin - watercolour ls

Marvin, Dick

Massicote, EJ - Que culture

Maurice Vellecoop,

Mayer Denis Jr.

Mayerovitch, Harry - war posters. Schooled by John Grierson (of NFB)

McGaw, Laurie - midcentury childrens books

McGraw, Sheila

McKellar, Duncan - left for US ca 1900

McKinnell Michael

McLaughlin, Gary

McLean, George - wildlife

McLean, Gordon

Milot, Rene - Canada Post

Miller, HW - 1860s

Mishka, Willy

Mitchell, Thomas - worked on Confederation Life - on display at 10th Floor, 321 Bloor St. East, Toronto

Montgomery, Linda

Morin Paul - Governor General award winner

Morrisseau, Norval

Mosher Terry [Aislin], - political cartoon

Mould, Vernon - midcentury kidsbooks

Muller Robin - Governor General award winner

Munro, Tom

Murata San,

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