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Haase, Siegfried - born Pomerania, 1916; died 1996, Ottawa
Worked in studio of Kathe Kollwitz. Came to Canada 1951; taught advertising art at NSCAD.
[source - National Gallery of Canada http://www.gallery.ca/english/library/biblio/ngc012.html ]

Haberer, Eugène - Born: 1837; Died: 1921
Worked for Dominion Illustrated in 1891 [source-Jaleen Grove]
Eugène Haberer, an accomplished architectural delineator, supplied a birds-eye drawing of Dominion Park in Montreal to the Illustrated Post Card Co., based in Montreal for the publication of a promotional postcard c. 1906.

Hadjiantoniou Alex

Hagarty, Miss Clara, 1871-1958
229 Simcoe St Toronto
Listed as Illustrator in Women of Canada, 1900

Hagel, Judy
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Hahn, Gustav (1866-1962)

Hahn, Sylvia Karen (1911-2001)
Royal Ontario Museum murals
Illustrated A Naturalist's Guide to Ontario, ed. by W.W. Judd and J. Murray Speirs, University of Toronto Press, 1964; wrote and illustrated Shadow Cat, Penumbra Press, 1983.

Hall, Harry S. - born 1894; died 1954
Comics artist of "Men and the Mounted"

Hall, John Alexander (1914- )
murals; children's books
Illustrated Spirit of Canadian democracy: a collection of Canadian writings from the beginnings to the present day. Toronto, Progress Books, c1945. Selected by Margaret Fairley.
"He sketched with Barker Fairley many times between 1937 and 1940 and was influenced by Fairley in his portrait studies and philosophy." Quote from A Dictionary of Canadian Artists, volume 2, p. 346.

Hall, Sharon
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Hallam, Joseph Sydney (1899-1953)
Born: 19 July 1899, Manchester, England
Died: 26 November 1953, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Ill'd Mazda Lights ads, 1920s; HBC

Halliday, Francis Robert - Born: 11 June 1884 Toronto ; died Mississauga
Ill'd for Canadian Home Monthly Dec 1928; fiction for Canadian Home Journal 1930s [source - Jaleen Grove]
Francis Halliday provided pencil sketches of the interior of the Hotel Carls Rite in Toronto for publication as postcards in the period 1916-1918.

Halliday, Richard Stuart - born 1939;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Hallum, Reuben Arnould (aka Reuben Arnuld, R Arnould, or RA Hallum) - born 31 January 1898 in England; died 3 February 1970 in Vancouver
Immigrated to Canada; served in WWI; returned to Canada and worked in Winnipeg as a commercial artist, then Vancouver; worked in England during 1930s. He returned to Canada working as a commercial artist in Toronto and Vancouver. [sources - Ancestry.com, Newspapers.com, VPL online Vancouver directories, BC Archives]

Halstead, Donald
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Halverson, George
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Hambidge, Jay - born 1867 Ontario; died 1924
left for US ca 1890
Studied at Art Students League; art theoretician: published book Dynamic Symmetries 1917, that was influential on illustrators Robert Henri and George Wesley Bellows as wel as being taken up at Yale and Harvard [source - Walt Reed's The Illustrator in America]

Hambly Bob,
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Hamel, Jacques - born 1954;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Hamilton, Jane Grady
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Hand, Emily
Census records show an Emily Hand of Fenelon Falls, Ontario, born 15 Aug 1871. Unknown whether this is the same Emily Hand who provided covers for Chatelaine circa 1930. Hand also illustrated children's stories in Canadian Magazine, 1906; and Canadian Courier1918-1919.

Hannon, Paul - born 1953;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Hansen, Frances
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Hansen, Neil - born 1965;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Hansen, Thorkild Conrad (1903-1976)

Hansen, Thor [may be same person listed above] born in Denmark
Art director for oil company based in Toronto; does needlepoint [source - New Liberty Dec 27 1947]

Hardcastle, Jack Wilfred. (1881-1973)
in Nanaimo, BC - ships, nautical

Harley, Harry George - born 1929 ; died 1971
After a couple of years studying engineering at the University of Toronto, Harry chose a career in freelance cartooning and successfully pursued that until his death in 1971. For a period early in his career, Harry served as the editorial cartoonist for The St. Catharines Standard and enjoyed having several of his cartoons reprinted by the Toronto Globe and Mail. His work largely sold to trade journals published by the Maclean Hunter group. Due in part to his engineering background, Harry was able to understand an engineer's frustrations in a humorous way and with his gifted talent he could portray this. [source - from genealogy provided by family member]

Harpe, Susanne - born 1914;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Harpes, Tony
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Harris, Kyla
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Harris, Robt - Born: 18 September 1849 Vale of Conway Wales; Died: 27 February 1919 Montréal Quebec Canada
Immigrated to Canada in 1856 [source - CHIN]
Picturesque Canada
Dominion Illustrated 1891

Harris, Ted
War posters

Harris, Walter - born 1931;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Harrison, Ted (1926- )
Edward Hardy Harrison was born August 28th, 1926 in the village of Wingate in County Durham, England. He moved to the Yukon in 1967.
An author and illustrator of numerous children's books, Ted Harrison paints with a distinctive bright and colourful style that focuses on the Yukon: its landscapes, animals, and people.

Harrop, Graham (1944? - )

Hart, Willem
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Harvey, Eric (1891-1975)
Eric Harvey supplied an art deco themed illustration of the Royal York Hotel in Toronto to the operators for publication as an advertising postcard.

Hassal, John

First World War posters

Hassen, Anne - born 1940;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Hausmann, George
Ill'd fiction for Canadian Home Journal, 1930s
Not verified as Canadian

Hayes, Geoffrey
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Hayes, Glenn
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Haynes, Jim
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Haynes, Robert Aubrey, died 2007, aged 88
Long career as Director, Graphic Arts, with Simpson-Sears, retiring in 1980

Heathcote, Eric, d. 1987
Born in England, came to Toronto in 1908, joining the advertising department at Eaton's in 1912, becoming art director in 1935, retiring in 1962.
Designed and printing his own Christmas cards from 1924 until his death.

Hedley Susan

Heine, Harry (1924-2004)

Heine, Keith
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Heine Mark (son of Harry)

Heintzbergen, Anthony (Tony) (1885 - ?)

Heming, Arthur Henry Howard (1870-1940)
"Arthur Henry Howard Heming (1870-1940) gained international renown as the "chronicler of the North", through his vivid depictions of Canada's northlands in paintings, sketches, essays and books. Heming was an original occupant of Lawren S. Harris (1885-1970) and Dr. James M. MacCallum's (1860-1943) Studio Building, Toronto and a member of the Arts and Letters Club, Toronto. Born in Paris, Ontario and raised in Hamilton, Heming studied in New York and London under Frank Vincent DuMond (1865-1951) and Frank Brangwyn (1867-1956) respectively. His illustrations of northern wildlife, trappers and aboriginal people were widely published throughout North America and Europe, and his three published novels Spirit Lake, The Drama of the Forests and The Living Forest drew heavily from his experiences in northern Canada. Although Heming's best known works are his later brightly coloured oil paintings, the artist worked exclusively in black, white and yellow until he was 60 years old, having been informed at an early age that he was colour blind."[source: National G of Canada]
Worked for Dominion Illustrated, 1890s; MacLeans 1930s [source- Jaleen Grove]

Hemphill , Robert
Fine artist and illustrator painting portraits, landscapes, nudes, and providing graphic design for First Nations communications, including children's books, advertising art, newspaper publication.

Hemsted, Mrs - 415 Shaw St Toronto
Listed as Illustrator in Women of Canada, 1900

Henderson, E
War posters
Possibly worked for Rous and Mann

Henderson, Helen
Illustrated for Mayfair Magazine

Hendry Linda

Henen, Robert
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Hennessey, Frank Charles 1894-1941

Illustrated Birds of Eastern Canada, 1922; assumed Canadian [Macdonald, v.2, says he was born in Ottawa]
With Allan Brooks, illustrated Birds of Canada by P.A. Taverner, Musson, 1937

Hennion, Jean; died Paul
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Henry, Bill

Hepburn Steve

Hepton, Sheila
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Herkimer, S. Ely - born Ottawa
lived Windsor Ont
Canadian Home Journal

Herringer, Chris
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Hersey John,

Hesse, Emma
Graduate of OCA. Worked as illustrator, freelance and full-time, for major Canadian book publishers. Partner in Fernley Hesse & Associates. Active as fine art painter near Peterborough, On. Website

Hewetson, Roy
Ill'd for Hamilton's Spectator Weekend Magazine #14, 1963

Hickey, Edward L. - born 1887 Kingston Ont; died Chicago Sunday July 12? 1937
Son of dry goods merchant; moved to Lincoln Nebraska as a boy; went to Chicago circa 1907; was president of Barnes-Crosby ad agency.

Hicklin, Barbara Jane Roe - born 08 December 1918 Toronto
Ill'd for Canadian Home Journal in 1940s under "Barbara Roe" [source - Jaleen Grove]
By 1964 was living in Edmonton [source - CHIN]
"Education: 1947-48, Arts Diploma, New York Phoenix School of Design, N.Y., USA; 1937, Arts Diploma, Central Technical School, Art Department, Toronto, Ontario" [source - Alberta Society of Artists: http://www.artists-society.ab.ca/artists/default.aspx?id=2094

Hider, Arthur H. - born 1870; died 1952
War posters

Hilder, Charles Snoade - Born: 30 May 1915 Carmen Manitoba ; Died: 1995 Toronto Ontario
living in 1947 Montréal Quebec Canada
Ill'd fiction for Farmer's Magazine, 1940 [source - Jaleen Grove]

Hilkert, John - born in Ohio
Lived in Toronto.
Illustrated for pulps during WW2. Also signed as "Kerthil". Illustrated comic strip The Wing for Bell Features, which had an early if not the first female superhero. Returned to USA in 1943. [source - unpublished history of pulps in Canada by Hilkert]

Hill, Donald Richings (1900-1939)

Hill, James - born 1930 Hamilton? ; died 2004 Toronto, Ont.
One of Canada's most talented illustrators. Fiction, book covers, portraits; also a landscape painter.
Jimmy as he was known to family and friends was the first Canadian illustrator to be honored with membership in the American Illustrators Association [note: this must be verified; we assume Society of Illustrators is meant? - Jaleen, ed.]. He has often been compared to Norman Rockwell, the famous American Illustrator for bringing to Canada what Rockwell did for US life (some people report Hill disliked the comparison - ed.). His work has been published in many magazines and he was a cover illustrator for many years for Maclean's. Jimmy was also selected to provide the artwork for the Pope's visit to Canada (1970's?). A bit of a raconteur, he was often temperamental but delivered commissioned pieces that exceeded the expectations of the client, and mentored young artists. Unfortunately he often gave reproduction rights with his pieces, so you will find some of his pieces mass produced today. See art.com for "Boating on the Marsh". Jimmy often included in his art the faces of friends and family which would be unrecognized by outsiders. Many of his pieces are held today in private collections.

Hill, Roger
Advertising, esp food
Fine art painting

Hillenbrand, Joseph
Comics artist employed at Educational Projects in 1940s [source - John Bell, Collections Canada]

Hindermeier James

Hinrichs, John - born 1948;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Hirnschall, Helmut - born 1933; Hobart, Elizabeth ZAB DESIGN
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Hiscocks Kimberley

Holdcroft Tina

Hobbs, Anthony
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Hoey, Elizabeth Wilkes - born Oakville, 1915, died 2012 [obit. Globe June 30, 2012, p. S9]
OCA grad.
pottery, silkscreen, water colour, murals
Illustrated Edith Fowke's "Folk Songs of Canada" and "Chansons de Quebec"
Illustrated a poster "Wild Flowers of Canada" distributed by the Globe and Mail

Hoffmann, Roxanna J. - born 1946;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Hogan, Bill - born 1940;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Holdcroft, Tina
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Holgate, Edwin
"Edwin Holgate was born in Allandale, Ontario. … settled in Montreal, where Holgate began his art education at the Art Association of Montreal studying under William Brymner who was also A.Y. Jackson's teacher. In 1920, some of the Brymner graduates found a large building on Beaver Hall Hill in Montreal, a central location that could serve for a number of studios. Over the years Holgate continued to be involved with the Beaver Hall Hill group, as the artists who stayed there have become known. Holgate continued his studies in Paris, returning to Canada at the outbreak of World War I and enlisted in the army. After the War, the artist returned to Paris with his new bride and remained there until 1922 when they returned to Montreal and became active in the city's cultural and artistic life. Having studied figure painting in France, Holgate began a series of nudes in northern landscapes. In 1928 he began teaching wood engraving at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Holgate was instrumental in the founding of the Canadian Society of Graphic Artists in 1925, and it was as a graphic artist that he first began to attract wide attention. Asked to join the Group in 1930, Holgate had by then established a reputation for his figure paintings and West Coast and Laurentian landscapes. Although he did execute landscape paintings, Holgate was better known for his portraits. He also painted many murals, the best known being his designs for the Totem Pole Room at Ottawa's Chateau Laurier Hotel. After the Group of Seven years Holgate took a teaching position at the Art Association of Montreal. Among the talents he brought to this post, were his skills as a book illustrator as well as a wood engraver. His lifelong interest in graphics, drawing and printmaking are evident in the strong lines and design of his painting." [source - Hodgins art auctions]

Holloway, Les
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Holmden, Kenneth Hensley - born 1893; died 1963
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN
murals, ill/design

Holmes, Betty Marion Ruth (1914-1988)

Holmes, Doris Colquhoun - born Ilkley, England, 1892; died Victoria 1958
Immigrated to Canada 1907; attended school in NYC for interior design in 1918; was designer for Spencer's dept store in Victoria 1920-1954. [source - JG in A Woman's Place, edited by KA Finley, 2004]

Holmes, Rand
Creator of Harold Hedd comic; significant underground comix artist.
"Rand Holmes taught himself to draw as a teenager by copying stories drawn by Wallace Wood (Mad and E.C. comics) and Will Eisner (The Spirit). His first cartoons were published in Harvey Kurtzman's Help Magazine. In 1969 he landed in Vancouver and started working for the Georgia Straight, a weekly underground tabloid. There, he began to develop the adventures of Harold Hedd. One of the underground's most popular characters was born. A collection of those stories were published in the oversized comic 'The Adventures of Harold Hedd' in 1972. A second popular volume was published in 1973." [source - Lambiek http://lambiek.net/artists/h/holmes_rand.htm]

Holmes, Robert - Born:25 June 1861 - Died: 14 May 1930
Toronto- Toronto Art Students League

Holms, John Unknown-
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Hooke, Hilda Hahn
Verified as Canadian by Callie Stacey; note that she is related to Hahn family which was very artistic. Sister to Sylvia Hahn, daughter to Gustave Hahn.
Ill'd articles on baby-related topics for Canadian Home Journal, 1932; did illustrations for Eaton's Catalogues; illustrated "The Hollyhocks", a poem by E.H.Zimmerman in Jewels, Sept. 26, 1936

Hornyansky, Nicholas (1896-1965)
Nicholas Hornyansky was born in Hungary in 1896. He studied in Budapest at the Academy of Fine Arts and also studied landscape painting in Belgium in the school of Franz Hens. In 1929, he emigrated to Canada, where he settled in Toronto. He exhibited with the Royal Canadian Academy and the Ontario Society of Artists, of which he was also a member. Nicholas Hornyansky supplied artwork to MacLean’s and Chatelaine Magazines for advertising postcards promoting subscriptions during World War II.“A Dictionary of Canadian Artists”, Vol 2.

Houghton, Frank
Quebec based.
Dominion Illustrated in 1891 [source- Jaleen Grove]

House, Marc
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Houston, James Archibald (1921-2005) (J. A. Saumik?)
- 20th C kidsbooks

Houstoun, Donald Mackay (1916- )
Known as "Mack", he not only illustrated but operated the Art and Design Studios (ADS) advertising art firm in the 1950s in Toronto, employing more than 40 people.

Hovey, Lorraine B. Hovey; died Sutherland, Lorraine
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Howard, Alfred Harold (1854-1916)
Born: 12 July 1854 Liverpool England; Died 17 February 1916 -
Toronto Art Students League founder in 1886; designed their covers until at least 1895. Joined RCA 1881.
Toronto based designer; trained in England in manner of the Kensington arts and crafts.
Contributed full page illustrated Christmas wish in Toronto Saturday Night, Christmas number, 1911, p. 5.

Howard Norman Douglas - born 1899
Ill for Cunard Cruise Line in 1930s

Howard, William Alfred - born 1902;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Howe John (1957- )
Howe was born in 1957 in Vancouver and grew up in southwestern British Columbia . He attended the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg , France and now lives in Switzerland with his wife and son. His web site : www.john-howe.com "A year after graduating from high school, I was in a college in Strasbourg , France , and the following year in the Ecole des Arts Decoratifs. … "The Lieutenant of the Black Tower of Barad-dûr", which, if not my first published piece, must certainly be the earliest. It seems to me that a lot of my early commissions were nightmares - political cartoons, magazine illustrations, comics, animated films, advertising - starting one cover seven times, redoing sketches so many times there was nothing of mine left in them, wondering just how the devil I'd ended up in this profession. " [Source - from "Myth & Magic ", Harper Collins Publishers, 2001] - fantasy artist; Tolkien

Hubel, Vello - born 1927;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Hudon, Normand - born 1929; died 1997
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Hudson, Susan - born 1941;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Hughes, Graham
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Hummell, Lisle - born Austria
Came to Canada in 1920s
Chatelaine, Canadian Home Journal 1930s
Specialized in silhouettes
Possibly the same Lisl Hummel who married chemist Henry Borsook, mother of Renaissance art expert Eve Borsook.

Hune, Bernice
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Hunt, Tom

Hunter, George

**Hunter, Mary V.
Illustrated fiction for Maclean's, 1914

Hunter Raoul - born 1926; political cartoon

Hunter, Samuel - born 1858; died 1939
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Hutchinson, Douglas Mary
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Hutton, Calvin - born 1960;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Hymas, Alison - born 1932;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” on CHIN

Hyrchenuk, Mary

With W.R. Stark, illustrated Bebe, Marie et Jean, by Edgar and Frances Shelley Wees, Gage, 1940

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