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SRG - also signed Ess Ar Gee. War posters.

Gaboury, Denyse
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gabriel; died Lacki, Christophe Lacke, Christopher
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gad, Victor
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gagnon, Cécile
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gagnon, Clarence - (1881-1942)
Born: 09 November 1881 Montréal, Québec, Canada
Died:05 January 1942 Montréal, Québec Canada
Maria Chapdelaine de luxe; Le Grand Silence 1929

Gagnon, Madeleine
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Geltner, Gail

Gal, Laszlo, February 18, 1923 - December 30, 2004
Born in Hungary, came to Canada in 1956
midcentury kids books
Designer for CBC

Galenzoski, Sharon
gov't publications 1970s

Gallagher, Dawna. born Hamilton, Ontario.
BFA 1985 and MFA 1990, both at Nova Scotia College of Art, Halifax, NS. Studies at The Museum School of Fine Arts, Boston, Mass. Winner of the Brucebo Canadian-Swedish Scholarship for Landscape Painting (1986).
Published in magazines, newspapers, and journals in Toronto, Halifax, Vancouver, New York. (1980-2000)
Major clients: The Canadian Forum, The Women's Press, Room of One's Own, This Magazine, NFB,
Preferred subjects/styles: pen and ink line cartoons of humorous social situations [source - Dawna Gallagher]

Galli, Saverio (1922- )

Galt, Jocelyn (1927- )

Gammon, Lynda - born 1949; Gammon, Lynda Nancy
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gangnon, Patricia - born 1937; Grimanis, Mrs.
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Garay, Luis.
children’s books

Gardiner, Robert
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Garrick Fiona
children’s books

Garstin, Norman
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gauci, Gerard
lived Ontario 1982

Gaudinot, André
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gaudreau, Claude
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gaugel, Heinz (1927-2000)

Gault, Joseph
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gauthier, Guy
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gauthier, Joachim - born 1897 - died -1988
studied under Tacoma, Washington sculptor, Victor Alonzo Lewis. Membership in Brotherhood of Painters, Decorators and Paperhangers of America. Worked as sign writer in Sudbury, early 1920s. Hamilton, Ontario. Employed by the Tucket Tobacco Company,did illustrations for Navy Cut (now Players), Winchester, Buckingham and Sportsman cigarettes. Worked at Sampson Matthews Ltd., in Toronto in 1925, apprenticed to Frank Carmichael. Clients: Neilson’s, Massey Ferguson, Purity Flour, Salada Tea, Ford Motors, Toronto Dominion Bank, Schiffer-Hillman Clothes, Labatts Brewery. Joachim became a chartered member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolor in 1928 and was active in the society until the 1960’s. Joachim’s close sketching and painting companions were Frank Carmichael and A.J. Casson. [source - http://www.association-gauthier.org/anglais/famous/joachimgauthier.html]
Ill'd for National Home Monthly
Son Paul Gauthier is an noted landscape artist too.

Gay Marie-Louise
Governor General award winner

Gehry, Frank O. (1929- )

Genereux, Marie Arline - born 1897; died 1987
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gérard, Bruno
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Geuer, Juan (1917- )

Giasson, Myriam
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gibson, Laura
Although no biographical info has been found and searches are complicated by the fact her name is so common, because she does spot and editorial work for Chatelaine from around 1930 and for Canadian Home Journal 1930s-1940s (children's subjects, articles, fashion), it is likely she was Canadian. [source - Jaleen Grove]

Gibson, Malcolm
War posters

Giguère, Roland - born 1929;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gilburt, Josh - born 1914;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gill, William (1854- )

Gillett, David
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gillen, Denver (1914- )
wildlife - Jenifer Gillen Cohn: "I wish I could tell you I had memories of the outline of Denver's early life. Although he talked about his career as an illustrator, I remember most his ability to tell a good story and I loved to hear him talk about his childhood and his early days as an artist. The "facts" that I relate to you, however, come from a wonderful article about Denver Gillen written by Norman Kent in the November 1956 issue of American Artist….. He had been hospitalized at age seventeen with a prolonged illness that made it impossible for him to have children. But, his time in the hospital changed the direction of his life…. It was while in the hospital that he was encouraged to pass the time by drawing, by his doctor who was an amateur artist. Pop had been raised in a seafaring family in Vancouver, BC and would have probably followed his father and brothers into some related form of work. By the time he left the hospital, however, he knew he wanted to become a commercial artist. According to that article, "his doctor arranged a meeting with the manager of the art department of the Hudson Bay Company and there Gillen stayed for three years, learning the basic techniques of commercial studio." During that time, he met Edward Varley{Jaleen's note: prob Fred Varley} and studied with him. Then, Denver moved to Toronto in 1935 and worked for a year in the Brigden Studios. When commercial artists went on strike, he moved to Chicago. He worked for Montgomery Ward for four years as a staff artist, where he did the original illustrations for "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer", their gift to their customers. He then worked for another six years in Chicago in a "variety of studio affiliations" Also pioneered illo for Reader's Digest. [source: Leif Peng]

Gillespie, Gordon F.
Gordon F. Gillespie may have been a staff artist for the Canadian Pacific Railway Company. He supplied the artwork for at least 7 postcards published by them showing their hotels and fleet of steamers between 1920 and 1946. Three paintings of Gordon Gillespie are reproduced in the Canadian Geographical Journal (February, March and May, 1931) courtesy of Canadian Pacific Railway Company.

Gillett, Violet Amy (1898-1996)
Born Liverpool, England, 1898; Died Perth-Andover, New Brunswick, 1996
Violet Amy Gillett came to Canada with her family in 1908. She entered the Ontario College of Art in Toronto, and funded part of her degree with a scholarship, as well as a commission to paint pathological specimens for the Medical Department of the University of Toronto. She also did illustrations for Doctors Banting and Best at the time of their discovery of insulin. Gillett graduated from the Ontario College of Art and was given a teaching position at the Toronto Central Technical School. In 1926 she received an invitation from the Saint John Vocational School in New Brunswick to take charge of its Art Department. Two years later, she went to the School of Design at the Royal College of Art in London. She held an exhibition at this school, and was granted her Associateship degree (A.R.C.A.) a year early because of her advanced knowledge. Upon her return to Saint John Vocational School she was appointed the Principal of the Department of Fine and Applied Art. She held this position until her retirement in 1948. Gillett was also active in the Maritime Art Association, helping both in its formation, acting as secretary for nine years, president in 1946, as well as starting its slide collection of Maritime Artists. She later opened a ceramics shop in Andover with her sister, which became very popular, supplying ceramics to shops all over Canada. Gillett went back to teaching when the shop closed, and completed four murals in the Trinity Anglican Church in Andover. She also wrote two books, "Where the Wild Flowers Grow" and "In the Fields and Woods", complete with her own illustrations. She has received the New Brunswick Teacher's Centennial Award (1976), the Queen's Jubilee Medal (1977), and the Governor General's Medal (1977). [source - Cdn Women Artists' History Initiative]

Gillett, Violet Amy - born 1898; died 1996
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gilliland, Jillian - born 1945;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gilman, Phoebe
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gilmore, Steven
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gilmour, Diana
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gingras, Daniel A. - born 1952; died 1996
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Ginn, Robert - born 1932;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Giraud, Jean
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CH

Girerd Jean-Pierre,
political cartoon

Girerd, Jean; died Pierre - born 1932;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gist, Kenneth T.
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gladwell, Brian
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gladwin, Aliki
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Glanville, Sally Glassco, Ivan
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Glover, Lyle - born 1921;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Glass, Damian,

Glassco, Ivan -
Worked for MacLeans, 1930s

Glen, Edward Randolph (1887-1963)

Pulp fiction covers, 1940s

Glover Greg

Glover, Lyle (1921- )

Glyde, H.G. (Henry George) (1906-1998)

Godwin, Karl (1893-1962)
Born in Walkersville, Canada on Nov. 19, 1893.; died in Westport, CT in 1962.
- Illustrator, painter, etcher. Godwin studied with Charles Hawthorne, Siguard Skou, at the ASL of NYC and the CGA. He taught commercial art at Chouinard Art School, Los Angeles, in 1922-23. By 1940 he was living in NYC. [ source - Crocker Art Museum store/askart]

Goldhammer, Charles - born 1903; died 1985
A drawing appears in Chatelaine May 1928; OSA member
Taught at OCA and Central Technical School in Toronto
Made a Fellow of OCA in 1984

Goldman, Rae
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Goluska, Glenn - born 1947; Goluska, Glenn Edward
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Good, Edmond
Comics artist employed at Bell Features in 1940s; later went to Chicago and worked on titles there, including Scorchy Smith; started own comics Johnny Law, Sky Ranger [source - John Bell, Collections Canada; John Hilkert, memoirs]

Goodall, Edward (1909-1982)
Edward Goodall was born in Wells, Somerset, England September 3, 1909. He arrived in Canada c. December, 1931. He studied in England under Marcus Holmes ARWA.A comprehensive biography of Edward Goodall is provided atThis site . Between 1942 and his death in 1982 he contributed more than 500 pencil drawings and watercolours for reproduction on postcards. Bulman Bros. B.C. Ltd., Vancouver; Quality Press Ltd., Victoria; and Diggon-Hibben Ltd., Victoria were responsible for publishing most of the pencil drawing postcards. The colour postcards were likely published by Canadian Gallery Prints Ltd. of Port Moody.“A Dictionary of Canadian Artists”, Vol 2. Ottawa Citizen June 7, 1955 “Canadian Artist Carries Fame From Crimea”.

Goode, Arthur C. Died London, before 1956.
Carlton Studios - Toronto Art Students League - landscapes
Started with Toronto World newspaper. Went to New York World, then went to London with Carlton Studios. Then to London Times as illustrator/layout designer. [source: Toronto Globe and Mail, Dec 8, 1956]

Goode, W - 1860s

Goodman, Jeff - born 1953;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Goodridge , H.B,
worked on Confederation Life series

Goranson, Paul
Vancouver based artist who collaborated with EJ Hughes and Orville Fisher on important murals during the 1930s.
“After the war, Goranson remained for two years with the RCAF in Ottawa, working up his pencil, charcoal and watercolour sketches into canvases. Then, finding no work in Toronto, he went to New York” where “he became a display designer and then a scenic artist, joining the Metropolitan Opera in 1965. Here he worked under artists and designers such as Franco Zefferelli, Sir Cecil Beaton, and Marc Chagall. But he remained a Canadian citizen and, upon retirement in 1986 at the age of 75, returned to Vancouver.” [source - obituary Paul Goranson
12:01AM BST 13 Sep 2002; obit by Laura Brandon; via Jason Vanderhill]

Gordon, Frederick Charles - born 1856; died 1924
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gordon, John Sloan - born 1868; died 1940 Gordon, John S.
ill/design - married to Hortense, of Painters 11. Hamilton. Close associate of Arthur Heming. Trained in Paris and London [source - various Hamilton Spectator articles]
John Sloan Gordon was born in Brantford, Ontario in 1868. A year after his birth the family moved to Hamilton, Ontario, where Gordon grew up and went to school. He worked at the art department of the Howell Lithographing Company and later left Howell’s to open his own studio, devoting his energy to freelance illustration and advertisements. He began his fine art career at this time, taking courses at night from local artist S. John Ireland, and winning gold and silver medals from exhibitions held at the Hamilton Art School. His early success inspired him, and in 1895 he enrolled in art studies offered by the Julian Academy in Paris. John Sloan Gordon began teaching art in 1897 shortly after returning to Hamilton. He took part in organizing the Art League of Hamilton which eventually became part of the Hamilton Art School. In 1909 he became Principal of the Hamilton Art School and in1923 was named Director of the School of Fine and Applied Arts after the amalgamation of the art school with the technical school. John Sloan Gordon supplied the artwork for two postcards published by the Ontario Engineering Co. of Hamilton showing Lakeside Park in that city c. 1907. “A Dictionary of Canadian Artists”, Vol 2.

Did illustrations for Christmas Globe, 1902.

Gordon, Louise - born 1921;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gordon; died Collins, Grace
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Goss, Geoffrey.
Illustrated Ma-Kee: the life and death of a muskellunge, by David Reddick, McClelland and Stewart; Outdoor rambles, by Stuart L. Thompson, Longmans, 1958; Anything could happen! by Phyllis Bett Young,
Longmans, 1961.

Gotthans, Manfred - born 1922;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gottschalk, Fritz - born 1937;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Goudreault, Rollande
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gotthans, Manfred (1922- )

Gould John - (1929- )
Born: 14 August 1929, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"was born in Toronto in 1929. During highschool years in the 40's he was a cartoonist for Canadian High News … In 1948 he enrolled at the Ontario College of Art and graduated in 1952. … In 1954 while working in display for Taylor Advertising in Montreal, he showed some paintings at the Arts Club. …. In 1957 he joined the CBC paint shop as a scenic artist. … venture into a second career as film maker, … The Japanese Theatre exhibition led to a commission by Marcel Marceau, the celebrated mime, to draw his character "Bip". … John Gould lives with his wife Ingi in Barrie, Ontario. … John Gould's memoirs are published in "John Gould Journals" ( Moonstone Books, 10 Oren Blvd. Barrie ON L4N 4M1)." [source - Cdn Drawing Masters]

Goutiere, George - born 1903; died 1948
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gower, Walter (1884- )

Goyette, Hélène
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Grajauskas, Paul - born 1960;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Graham Georgia
children’s books -

Graham, Margaret Bloy (1920- )
Margaret Bloy Graham was born in Canada and graduated from the University of Toronto. She also studied at the Art Students League. Graham was a free-lance illustrator for Vogue, Glamour, Town & Country, House and Garden, Seventeen and other national publications. Gene Zion (1913-1975) was a graduate of the Pratt institute and studied at the New School. He worked in advertising, as a designer for Esquire Publications, in the CBS art department and for Conde Nast Publications, eventually becoming a free-lance designer and art director. The two collaborated, he writing and she illustrating, for All Falling Down; Harry, the Dirty Dog; The Plant Sitter and other children's titles. All Falling Down was a 1952 Caldecott honor book and the pair was perhaps best known for the Harry the dog books. [source - de Grummond Collection, McCain Library and Archives University of Southern Mississippi]

Granirer, Pnina - born 1935;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gransby, Percy
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Grant, Helen Constance - born 1929;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Grassick, Bert (1909- 1998) Born Charles Albert Grassick in Victoria, B.C. and soon moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba where he grew up with his three brothers. Upon the death of his father at age 13 he was forced to quit school and go to work to help support the family. In spite of numerous cartooning awards from the Winnipeg Tribune for his submissions it was felt that he should provide for the family while his older brother was sent to art school. Due to years of noisy factory work he became hearing impaired in both ears causing him to become isolated, quiet and reserved. At the age of 20 (1929) he hopped a freight train to Toronto to seek his fortune and was hired on first at Rabjohn Enterprises, then at Clement Saila & Co. as an illustrator. By the beginning of the 1950's his recognition gained him a position as the daily political cartoonist for the Toronto Telegram where he remained throughout the decade (1959). He had a short foray into the new frontier of television as the caricaturist for a game show on CBC entitled "Whozit" where a guest panel was given verbal clues while he sketched visual ones until someone guessed the right answer. However it was short lived and not to his introverted liking. His often award winning cartoons garnered attention from many sources including that of Mayor Nathan Phillips. He then proceeded to join the Disney team at Canaline (again with Clem Saila) where he remained until the age of 73. He also freelanced cartoons regularly for MacLean's Magazine and several other publications throughout his career and taught cartooning at the Ontario College of Art. Bert Grassick died in 1998 at the age of 89. (source: Roxanne Grassick - daughter)

Gratton, André
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gray, Alex
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gray, Elise Kane - born 1948;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gray, Helen
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Green, Francis J. 2004
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Green, Pat - born 1933;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Greene, Evan Loren Robert - born 1910; died 1961
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Greene, Thomas Garland (1875-1955) - Born: 12 September 1875 Toronto Ontario Canada
Died:18 November 1955 Orillia Ontario
[NShore] "He first studied art at the Central Ontario School of Art under William Cruickshank in 1898 and also worked at a printer's shop for seven years. He travelled to London, England in 1902 and studied at the Westminster School of Art under Mouat Loudan and also at the Finsbury Art School under Gilbert Bayes. In London, he was a co-founder of Carlton Studios, along with Archibald Martin, Norman Price and William Wallace. Upon returning to Canada in 1904, he stayed for a time in London, Ontario and worked at an advertising agency. In 1907 he was living in New York. From 1915-1925 he taught at the Ontario Ladies College in Whitby, Ontario. He also taught at St. Andrew's College and the Northern Vocational School in Toronto. He was a founding member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour in 1926 and served as President there in 1929. He was also a founding member of the Canadian Society of Graphic Art and served as President from 1931-1933. He was a member of the Arts and Letters Club (1915) and the Mahlstick Club (1915). He exhibited at the Royal Canadian Academy from 1914-1932 and the Ontario Society of Artists. He taught and lectured in Chicago from 1933-1937. He taught children's sculpture classes from 1938-1940. In 1942 he was commissioned by the Encyclopedia Britannica Junior to write the entry on "Painting". His works are in the collections of the National Gallery of Canada, the Art Gallery of Ontario, Hart House at the University of Toronto, the Ontario Government Collection in Toronto and the Saskatoon Collegiate Institute. In 1935 he moved to Hawkestone on Lake Simcoe and died in Orillia, Ontario. [source: Robt Stacey] Carlton Studios; Toronto Art Students League
Preferred watercolour and landscape sketching; lived rurally near Hawkestone, Lake Simcoe, Ontario.[source: [source: Howard, Toronto Globe and Mail, Dec 8, 1956]
Bridle, Augustus. A backwoods Christmas: a homely sketch of how Christmas was kept in old Ontario. Toronto, R.G. McLean Printers, c 1910.
Griffin, Selwyn P. Open secrets: off the beaten track in Canada’s story. Toronto, Macmillan, 1929.
Wallace, W. Stewart. John Strachan. Toronto, Ryerson, c1930.

Greenough , Walter
"In 1897 William Parker Greenough published an account of Québec life, language, beliefs and songs, Canadian Folk-Life and Folk-Lore, illustrated by his son the American artist Walter Greenough." [source - Nat'l Library and Archives]

Greenwood, John Oliver
Unverified as Canadian.
Fiction and editorial for Canadian Home Journal ca 1931 [source - Jaleen Grove]

Greg, Michel
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gregson, Lynn
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Greig, William Greig, Bill
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Grier, Eldon Brockwill (1917- )

Grier, Stella Evelyn. Born 06 January 1898 Toronto, d. 13 March 1994 Ottawa Ontario Canada
Also known as Mrs A. E. Gould. Daughter of well known artist Sir Wylie Grier. Worked briefly for Carlton Studios, England.
Illustrated for Chatelaine, 1920s; book Of queen's gardens by Emma Scott Raff

Greisman, Len
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Greminger, Juan - born 1923;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Grenfell, Wilfred T. , Sir - born Feb. 28, 1865, Parkgate, Cheshire, Eng. died Oct. 9, 1940, Charlotte, Vt., U.S.
"English medical missionary who was the tireless benefactor of the people of Labrador." [source - Encyclopædia Britannica]
Designed Christmas cards for some 25 years on Atlantic themes.
Grevatt, Katherine
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Greville, Hector
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Griffin, George Henry - born 1898; died 1974
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Griffith, Julius Edward Lindsay (1912-1997)
Born: 21 April 1912 Vancouver British Columbia; Died: 10 November 1997 Toronto OntarioFCA. CSGA. P-CSPW. OSA. RCA
Julius Griffith was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1912. He studied at the Vancouver School of Art under Charles H. Scott, Frederick Varley and J.W.G. MacDonald. After the death of his father, he moved with his mother to England in 1928. There he studied at the Slade School and Central School of Arts & Crafts. … Griffith established himself [after WW2] as a graphic artist and wood engraver. He later studied at the Ontario College of Art under Frederick Hagen who became a life-long friend. The Picture Loan Society in Toronto gave him four watercolour exhibitions. He also exhibited at the First International Biennial of Prints in Tokyo, Japan in 1957 and at the Brooklyn Museum's 20th International Biennial Show of Watercolours in 1959. He also exhibited prints at the Art Gallery of Hamilton in 1960 and watercolours at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in 1962. For several decades, Griffith taught art in Toronto at the Western Technical School, the Artists' Workshop, Ryerson Polytechnic Institute, Central Technical School and the Ontario College of Art. In 1988, he was made a Life Member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Art and, in 1995, he received an achievement award for his contributions to excellence in art from the Ontario College of Art. Griffith was a member of the Canadian Society for Painters in Watercolour with which he frequently exhibited in group shows. He was also a member of the Ontario Society of Artists and the Canadian Society of Graphic Artists. His work is in the permanent collections of the Imperial War Museum in London, England, the National Gallery of Art, the Canadian War Museum, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Toronto City Archives, the Art Gallery of Hamilton, the Glenbow Museum and McMaster University as well as numerous corporate and private collections. Julius Griffith died in 1997. [source - Nat'l Library and Archives]

Griffith, Tom - 1960s

Griffiths, Bus (Gilbert Joseph) - born 1913;
Comics artist employed by Maple Leaf comics during 1940s; later made graphic narratives of logging industry in 1960s [source - John Bell, Collections Canada]

Griffiths, Gilbert Joseph Griffiths, G.J.

Grigsby, Bill - Reactor

Groesbeck, Dan Sayre Unknown; died 1950
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Groh, Eugenie
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Groleau, Sylvain
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Grondin, Jean; died Luc - born 1938;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Grotz, William Not sure if Canadian. One of several illustrators of The Canadian Book of Prose and Verse, by Lorne Pierce and Dora Whitefield. Published in 3 volumes by Ryerson Press, Toronto, 1927-1930.

Grudniski, Tim
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Guberek, Josée - born 1943;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Guéranger, Michel
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Guard Cecilia Marie Phillips - 08 November 1908 Toronto - died 2000 [source - CHIN]
"Ken and Marie, Lisa's parents, studied at the Ontario College of Art during the twenties and were strongly influenced by the members of the Group of Seven who were their teachers. They dedicated their lives to art, producing a large collection of work in oils, watercolour, pen and ink, etchings and wood cuts.. Their work is representational, impressionist covering a very broad range of subjects and areas of interest, from Ken's pen and ink drawings of heritage buildings in Toronto, done when many of these buildings faced destruction, to Marie's delicate watercolours of landscape, animal studies, or life size figure studies in oil. Ken worked for forty years for the Robert Simpson Company as an advertising artist, and there is a collection of advertising drawings which were done for Toronto newspapers." [source: Lisa Moses (daughter): http://stoneflowerart.com/]

Guberekbold text**, Josée - born 1943;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Guéranger, Michel
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Guertin Marc

Guinois, Isabelle
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Gunthardt, Walt
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Guthrie, Kathy

Gutkin, Harry Louis - born 1916; died 17 May 2004
"He studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and became a published magazine illustrator and a political cartoonist before he was 20. Then, having been rejected for military service in the Second World War, he turned his energy in partnership with David Simkin to the founding of Contemporary Publishers, which issued a number of paperbacks on social subjects. His skill in the graphic arts and his talent for management led in 1948 to the founding of the advertising art and photography firm of Phillips-Gutkin and Associates, in partnership with John Phillips. This intensely creative young company won a number of awards, serving both national and international clients; among these, Canada Post commissioned a stamp honouring Lord Selkirks Red River Settlement. Four years later, PGA Films came into being. With the cooperative movement one of its chief clients, several documentaries written and directed by Harry Gutkin dramatized the social significance of the movement. Television exploded on the scene shortly after, and PGA Films moved into animation, to produce some of the commercials the new industry demanded, again under his tireless direction. The firm is now recognized as one of the pioneers of animation in Canada.[and he became extremely active in the Jewish community]. [source - Manitoba Historical Society http://www.mhs.mb.ca/docs/people/gutkin_h.shtml]
Ill'd for The Country Guide and Nor-West Farmer [source - Jaleen Grove]

Guy, Christine - born 1971;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

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