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Fainmel, Charles - born 1904; died 1968
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Fainmel, Marguerite Paquette 1910- murals

Fairbairn, Gordon
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Fairfield, Linda
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Fairley, Barker, 1887-1986
Artist, portrait painter, poet; taught German literature at University of Toronto
Illustrated Beams from the beacon: poems of Georgian Bay by Sylvia Du Vernet, 1974; 12 Georgian Bay sketches, by himself, 1972, and Barker Fairley portraits, 1981
Member Arts and Letters Club

Falls, Frederic W.
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Faniel, Alfred Jean-Joseph 1879-1950 murals

Fauteaux, Claire - Born Montreal, Quebec, 1890; Died?, 1988
Marie Claire Fauteux studied at the Art Association of Montreal, and then traveled to Europe to continue studying art. She painted portraits and landscapes, worked as a mural decorator, and a professor of fine arts. She first exhibited her work at the Art Association of Montreal in 1912, and continued to show her paintings there until 1947. She debuted her work at the Royal Canadian Academy in 1916, but would only show there four more times before 1947…. She was a teacher at the boarding school Notre Dame du Sacre Coeur in New York, and at the Trafalgar Institute in Montreal. After the First World War she went to Paris with the bursary she received from the Women's Art Society in 1921. Fauteux became the Minister of Foreign Affairs while in France. She took classes from Maurice Denis for two years, and then traveled to Rome in 1927. Fauteux was held as a prisoner at the Besancon concentration camp during the German occupation of France, and for the next four years in captivity she made drawings that depicted how she and her inmates spent their time. These drawings would later be rendered into paintings, as well as provide illustrations for her own book, "Fantastic Interlude." When she returned to Canada in 1947 she was featured in an exposition at the Galerie l'Art francais in Montreal. She would then go on to teach painting at the School of Fine Arts in Montreal.[source: Canadian Women Artists History Initiative]

Favell, Virginia
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Favrholdt, Visti - born 1920; Document(s): 421 ; 440 of - born 1375 Fawcett, George - born 1877; died 1944
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Fawcett, George 1877-1944

Fawcett, Robert 1903-1967 -
ill for The Post 1944; also Delineator, Scribners, Mentor; colourblind; "he cannot be quite as sardonic as he would sometimes like, but he feels that he can be completely honest" (lesson 1, p.5 of "Meet Robert Fawcett" by Alden Hatch, Inst Commercial Art, Famous Artists Advanced Program, 1949); b. nr London 1903; Winnipeg 1913; 1919 family moved to NY; Wyeth fan; Slade Sch Art; initially signed only by initials to avoid taint of illo; had beginning of fine art career but quit it after seeing the commecialism of the gallery scene, thought commercial art more "honest"; friends w Al Parker; "The illustrator reading a ms or pondering a problem of advertising ill, shld always be searching for that symbol on which to build his own conception…rather than to resort to a pedestrian solution." (lesson 10, p. 4) [source: Inst Commercial Art] :. LP. Apatoff and Shapiro note link between Fawcett and Jon Whitcomb.

Feathers, Gerald T.

Fejer, George - b. Hungary
Was an established cartoonist in Hungary but had to flee after his cartoons disturbed the Communist government. Arrived in Canada in 1948. Illustrated for New Liberty.

Fell, Dan

Fengler, Len - born 1922; died 1997 Fengler, Leonard
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Fenn, Bernard Samuel (1876-1963)
Bernard Samuel Fenn was born in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England in 1876. He emigrated to Canada in 1910 and took up residence in Nanaimo, B.C. He died in Victoria, British Columbia in 1963. He had a photographic studio in Courtenay, B.C. c.1913. He supplied artwork to an unknown publisher in 1923 for a series of 6 postcards featuring the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, B.C. The postcards were printed in England.

Fente, Bud - retoucher

Fentie, William d. 1988, aged 62
Known for his historical military scenes
After WWII, enrolled at OCA.
Started his career as an artist doing illustrations for the Sears catalogues.

Ferguson, Anna; died Marie - born 1966; Ferguson, Anna
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Ferguson, Georgine - born 1931; Ferguson, Thelma Georgine
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Ferguson, Jack John L.1904-1967

Fernandes, Henry - born 1940;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Fernandez Jacobson,

Fernandez Laura– children’s books -

Fernley, Emma
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Ferrier, Richard died Nov.2001
Graduated OCA 1953
Career in advertising; art director at Maclean-Hunter in the 1960s.
Landscape painter

Ferron, Richard
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Feyer, George 1921-1967
Came to Canada 1948; "Feyer's rise to fame and fortune began in 1954 with his first appearance on the CBC children's show Telestory Time, where he would draw images for a story while the host read along. Over the next decade, he regularly appeared on several adult shows, penned a syndicated comic strip named Feyer's Fair and became friends with the likes of Lister Sinclair, Marshall McLuhan, Steve Allen, Mort Sahl and Danny Kaye. But his success was not to last. In 1965, he moved to California to further his career, but was found dead in his apartment two years later." [ source - CBC http://archives.cbc.ca/arts_entertainment/visual_arts/topics/2352/]

Fido, Alex
Pulp fiction covers, 1940s

Fidoe, Frank
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Field Eric

Field Jean Townsend
Worked for Anglo-American

Filer, Mary Harris 1920- murals

Fillipoff, James
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Filopowski, R.
War posters

Filteau, Paul
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Finkel, Henry - born 1910;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Finlay, Samuel Stevenson - born 1888; died 1938
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Finley, Frederick James - born 1894; died 1968
murals, ill/design;children's books; war posters;
Did illustrations for Life and Literature, Book Two, Grade Eight" issued by Ontario Ministry of Education 1937.
A "Fred Finlay" worked at Brigden's 1920s [source - York Wilson biography]

Fiorucci, Vittorio - born 1932
"a poster artist who exudes powerful style and colour, and who also works in sculpture comic strips. He has been known as a seminal figure in design and graphic arts in Québec since the 1960s, and has acquired international renown as can be testified by his listing in the Swiss Who's Who in Graphic Design publication. Among his most familiar characters is the Just For Laughs festival mascot." [SOURCE - AIIQ]

Filteau, Paul
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Finkel, Henry - born 1910;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Finlay, Samuel Stevenson - born 1888; died 1938
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Finley, Frederick James - born 1894; died 1968

Firth, Mary
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Fischer, Elisabeth Fischer, Elizabeth
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Fiset, Gaston - born 1916; died 1983
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Fishauf, Louis
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Fisher, Mae
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Fisher, Margaret
Illustrated story by Gladys G. Stacey, titled "The Littlest Sunbeam", in Story Hour, January 1, 1961.

Fisher, Orville Norman 1911-1999 murals

Fisher, Roy - born 1890
Ill'd for The Canadian Magazine, Feb 1932; historical subject; ill'd fiction for Canadian Home Journal, 1930s

Fisk, Arnie - born 1949;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Fissi, Ferdinand - born Greenwich, London, 11 June 1872; d. 18 October 1954 at 11:30 pm in the Oakville Hospital at Port Credit
emigrated to New York 1924; came to Canada circa 1930. Worked in various publishing businesses including in early English animation before coming to Canada. "Chief Artistic Director for the city of Toronto and spent his later days designing ceramics and furniture in Port Credit." [source - John Adcock Yesterday's Papers]; ill'd fiction for Canadian Home Journal June 1932 [source - Jaleen Grove]

Fitzgerald Helen Roberta
Designed at least one stamp.

Fitzgerald Joanne - Governor General award winner

Fitzgerald Lionel Lemoine b. Winnipeg March 17, 1890; d. 1956
Stuudied at NY Art Students League 1921. Worked in Winnipeg on range of commercial art and illustration media, including as salaried employee for T. Eaton Co. Began teaching at Winnipeg School of Art in 1924. Made his name as a landscape painter. [source - Michael Parke Taylor online book

Fitzgerald, Lloyd - born 1941;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Fitzgibbon, Agnes Dunbar Moodie - Born Cobourg, Ontario, 1833; Died Toronto, Ontario, 1913
Agnes Fitzgibbon (née Dunbar Moodie) learned to paint flower pictures from her mother Susanna Moodie. She married barrister Charles Fitzgibbon who died when she was only 32, leaving her with a family to support. She decided to put together a volume of flower illustrations, with text provided by Catharine Parr Traill's lengthy manuscript. Fitzgibbon then acquired a specially prepared block of limestone from a printer, on which she drew the first of her own exquisite floral designs and printed 500 plates. While selling subscriptions for "Canadian Wild Flowers" in Ottawa, she was introduced to her future husband, Colonel Brown Chamberlin, a lawyer, owner of the Gazette (Montreal), who was later appointed Queens Printer. Her work was shown at the Philadelphia Centennial exhibition from 1864-1867. Her collection is held in the Department of Botany at the University of Toronto. [source: Canadian Women Artists History Initiative]

Fitzmaurice, JB
Political cartoonist, Vancouver Daily Province

Fladdel, Ernie
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Flater, George H.
Illustrated for Maclean's 1914

Fleming, Allan R. 1929-1977
Graphic designer

Flood, Wilfred John - born 1904; died 1946
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Fog, Frank
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Foley, Patrick
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Folkins, Wentworth - born 1928;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Foord, Roger
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Folkins, Wentworth 1928-

Forrester, Charles H.
Employed by Calgary Eye Opener [source - John Bell, Collections Canada]

Forster, John C.H.
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Forte, Felix
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Fortier, Bob,

Fortier, Lucie
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Fortune, Ley
Comics artist employed by Maple Leaf Comics in 1940s [source - John Bell, Collections Canada]

Forward, Beryl -

Foster, Harold Rudolf - Born:1892 Halifax; Died: 1982
Lived in Ontario ; left for US in 1921; caricature
Began with illustrating catalogues for Eatons and Hudsons Bay Co; became comics artist on Tarzan, Dick Tracy, Flash Gordon; creator of Prince Valiant [source - John Bell, Collections Canada]

Foster, Laura E.
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN
Foster, Thomas 1922- murals

Fournier, Michel - born 1956;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Fournier, Pierre - born in Montreal in 1949.
"In 1971 he joined the influential Hydrocéphale group, which included many of Quebec's leading creators of comics (la bande dessinée or BD, for short). … In 1973 Hydrocéphale published Les Aventures du Capitaine Kébec, which featured the adventures of Fournier's satirical national superhero, Capitaine Kébec. In 1979 Fournier (as a writer) began to collaborate with Réal Godbout on the "Michel Risque" strip in the humour magazine Croc. In 1983 Fournier and Godbout co-created an influential spin-off strip "Red Ketchup" in the BD magazine Titanic.
…In 1991 Fournier served as the editor of the short-lived BD magazine Anormal and also worked on several issues of Mad édition Québec (1991-1992). Fournier has also contributed to American and English-Canadian comics and has worked extensively in the Quebec television milieu and in animation. In 1986 he was the founding president of the Association des Créateurs et des Intervenants de la Bande Dessinée (ACIBD). Five years later, his outstanding contributions to comics in Quebec were recognized with the first ACIBD Albert Chartier Award." [source - Collections Canada http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/superheroes/t3-414-e.html]

Fournier-Sullivan, Renate

Fox, Garnet B. - born 1890; died 1977
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Frache, Donald Alwin - Born: 1919 Grand Forks British Columbia; Died: 27 June 1994 Lethbridge Alberta
Canadian Home Journal, 1945

Frampton Bill

Franchere, Joseph-Charles - Born: 1866 Died: 1921
Chanson Canadienes 1907

Francis, James Blake 1916- murals, ill/design

Francis, Peter H.
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Frank, Peggy - botanical/scientific

Franklin, D
Ill'd fiction in 1965 Star Weekly
NOTE: unknown if Canadian

Franklin Edward Livingstone - born 26 Apr 1921 Texas; died 21 Feb 2006 Toronto
political cartoonist
Editorial cartoonist with The Globe and Mail, 1968-1987
Freelance work for Toronto Star, Saturday Night and The Financial Post

Franquin, André
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Fraser, Donald Hamilton - born 1929;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Fraser, Douglas

Fraser, John A. - left Canada fr US 1882, over squabble over Cdn talent not used in Picturesque Canada

Fraser John D.

Fraser, Lydia
"Lydia Fraser (Canadian early xxc.) Lydia Fraser also painted landscapes and figure studies. " [source - http://www.vintageprints.ca/canpaint.htm]; ill'd children's features for Canadian Home Journal, 1930s.

Fraser, Malcolm - born Montreal April 19,1869; died June 12, 1949, Brookhaven Long Island, NY
Studied Art Students League, Sorbonne, Academie Julien; degree from Heidelberg U. Ill'd for Century, St Nicholas, Ladies Home J. Also for "Richard Carvel", "Caleb West," and some Bret Harte stories. Donated 56 paintings as war memorial to city of Ormond, Florida, which helped found their War Memorial Art Gallery. Served with French Army, then EF/Red Cross. Also did murals and altarpiece for Ormond St Luke's Cathedral, and a bishop's portrait. Married Katharine Church (d. 1930) then Mary Austin Aldrich, a sculptor. [source - obit NY Times]

Fraser, WL - John A Fraser's brother - edited Century Magazine

Fray, Brian - born 1946;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Freeman , George - born in Selkirk, Manitoba 1951.
"Freeman began working professionally in the comics field in 1976, when he joined the staff of Captain Canuck …. Initially, Freeman worked as an inker; … by the end of the title's run, he was both the main artist and writer. … In 1995 his classic artwork on the strip was commemorated on a Canadian postage stamp. After CKR Productions ceased publishing in 1981, Freeman worked for Marvel Comics, contributing to titles such as Marvel Fanfare and Jack of Hearts. Since the mid 1980s he has continued to work for Marvel and various other publishers, including DC, Eclipse, Dark Horse, and Image. He remains one of Canada's leading comics artists." [source - Collections Canada http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/superheroes/t3-407-e.html]

Freire, Carlos
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Fremlin, Gwen
Ill'd for Canadian Home Monthly; illustrated war poster "Think! Freedom or Slavery?"; ill'd for Brigden's, specializingin drawing curtains; truned freelance circa 1950 and had studio space in Toronto alongside agency TDF, and earned $45,000/year working mainly for US clients. [source: article in Weekend Picture Magazine, Sept 8 1951].

French, Michael - born 1951; French, Michael Peter
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Fresh, Daisy - born 1963, OHIO.
Training: Sheridan College, Brampton/Oakville, Ont. 1981-1985
Cities worked in: Toronto
Major Clients: Snap-On, Rona, Ontario Hospital Assoc.
Preferred subjects/styles: traditional oils, impressionist,high realism, digital 3D, conceptual editorial and social commentary

Friend, Washington 1820-1886 murals

Friesen, Gordon
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Frigon, Roger - born 1908;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Fripp, Charles E. - born 1854; died 1906
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Frise, James 'Jimmy' Llewellyn 1891-1948
One of Canada's earliest comics artists: drew Bird's Eye Centre [source - CBC http://archives.cbc.ca/arts_entertainment/visual_arts/topics/2352/] See Frise Collection at Scugog Shores Museum.
Jimmy Frise was a self-taught artist born near Lake Scugog, Ontario. His cartoons of “Birds-eye Center’ satirized rural Ontario life. They appeared weekly in newspapers from the 1920’s until his death. He supplied a number of cartoons to Rous & Mann, Ltd., of Toronto for publication in their No. 3 Canadian Holiday Series of postcards.

Frome, Nils Helmer (1918-1962)
Nils Helmer Frome was born in Ratansbyrn, Jamtland, Sweden on July 10th, 1918. After his mother died, he was given by his father to another family to raise. At the age of 4, he refused to go back to living with his father! Eventually he was adopted by a foster family, who moved to Canada in 1924, ultimately settling in Fraser Mills, B.C. He spent most of his time collecting science fiction, reading history, drawing and writing. After high school he attended Vocational Art School in Vancouver. In the summer of 1953 he was hospitalized but spent much of the time drawing, expanding his artistic skills. Afterwards, among other jobs all over B.C. working for various companies, he did design work for the Dept. of Recreation & Conservation. Then he came back to the Lower Mainland and tried to survive as a commercial artist. Despite selling illustrations of B.C. "buildings, ships, trains & places" to newspapers, success eluded him. He died March 27, 1962. Nils Frome contributed an ink sketch of Fort Langley, B. C. to the Historic Sites series of postcards. He wrote and illustrated, an early science fiction fanzine known as SUPRAMUNDANE STORIES beginning in Oct 1936.

Frost, John
One of the first illustrators that used an online blog BD to show his work online.

Frost, George Albert 1831-

Frost, William
Cartoonist for Dominion Illustrated, 1890-91

Fry, Laura
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Frymire, Bill
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Fuhrmann, Michael - born 1963;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Fuller, Michael
Illustrator, Montreal

Funnekotter, Jan - born 1929;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Furlong, Rob
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Furness, Ed
Comics artist employed by Anglo-American Comics in 1940s [source - John Bell, Collections Canada]

Furness, Kathie
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Furzey, William Neil Fyshe, Avis Selina - born 1886;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Fyles, Faith - 1875-1961
Watercolourist and botanical illustrator

Fyshe, Avis Selina 1886-

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