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Eadie, Jim (1926- )

Eales, David
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Earle, Herbert - born 1884; died 1975
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Earle, Meagan - born 1970;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Easson, Manny
Comics artist employed at Bell Features [source - John Bell, Collections Canada]

East, Benoît (1915- )

Eastman, Norm - born 1931 St Stephen, New Brunswick
Influenced by Heman Wilk, local mural painter, as a child. Studied at Mt Allison with Lawren Harris, Alex Colville, then at the Slade; later, OCA. Worked in 1950s for Liberty, Canadian Ladies home Journal, Chatelaine, Toronto Star Weekly. A meeting with Norman Rockwell launched his US career. Eventually made a name as a men's pulp fiction artist, known for especially lurid covers, which he later said he felt "kind of ashamed" of. [source: book Men's Adventure Magazines, by Max Allan Collins and George Hagenauer, Taschen, 2004].

Eaton, John - born 1942;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Eaton, Wyatt (1849-1896)
Born: 1849 Phillipsburg Ontario Canada
Died: 1896 Newport Rhode Island U.S.
portraitist [source: NGC Lib Artists list]

Ebsen, Alfred Karl - born 1908;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Eby, Kerr - born Tokyo, Oct 19 1889 to Canadian Methodist missionaries
Started with newspapers, studied at Pratt and Art Students League, made a name doing WW1 subjects. Moved into fine art printmaking. [source: http://www.ifpda.org/content/node/721

Edelmann, Otto - born 1933;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Edmonds, Frank
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Edmunds, W
Ill'd for Dominion Illustrated, 1890

Edwards, Allan Whitcomb (1915-1990)
Born: 15 January 1915 Edmonton
Died: ca 1990 Salt Spring Island BC
interior/architectural ill; watercolourist; revitalized FCA; self-published memoirs (in special coll at UVIC)

Edwards, Frank
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Edwards, Harry C.
Illustrating fiction for Maclean's 1916 - possibly American

Edwards, Robert (Bob)
Established Calgary Eye Opener, satirical magazine 1902-1922

Inuit carver and printmaker
Father of Annie Pootoogook

Efford, Jean-Paul
Illustrations appeared in Nature's year: changing seasons in central and eastern Ontario, by Drew Monkman, Dundurn Press, 2012

Eid, Jean; died Paul
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Eisenstein, Bernice - born 1949;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Eisenstein, Larry
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Eisert, Gene Unknown;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Elder, Manon Elder, Mano
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Eldridge, Harold E.

Eldridge, Marie
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Eldridge, Tom

Elias, Arthur Edward (1872- )
b. 1872 - Cottages of Quebec 1932; mountains/skiing

Ellam, Horace A. - born 1900; died 1986
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Ellenberger, John (Unknown)

Ellins, Jacqueline Irene - born 1926;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Elliott, Emily Louise Orr - born 1867; died 1952
491 Church St Toronto
Listed as Illustrator in Women of Canada, 1900

Elliot, George, 1939-
Commercial artist for Outboard Marine Corp. in Peterborough for 24 years, illustrations of machinery parts, advertisements for company catalogues.
Illustrated 4 books by Ed Arnold on aspects of Peterborough's history.

Elliott, Greg
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Elliott, Sophy Louisa - born 1881;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Ellis, John Unknown; died 1888
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Ellis, Marguerite B.
Illustrated for Dominion Illustrated, 1890 - historical subjects [source - Jaleen Grove]

Ellmaurer, Otto W. (1924- )
Otto Ellmaurer was a German-Canadian civilian internee at Camp 130 in Kananaskis during World War II at which time he made many sketches of camp life. In 1983, artist and illustrator, Otto W. Ellmaurer self-published a series of ink sketches of small Quebec towns on postcards.

Emori, Eiko - born 1938;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

England, Kathleen Margaret - born 1908;
murals, ill/design
Ill'd spot illo for Canadian Magazine, 1933

Epp, Paul - born 1950;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Ensor, Arthur John (1905- )
murals, ill/design

Erickson, Glen
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Erickson, Nadine - born 1957;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Essex, Margaret Mary - born 25 January 1891 Toronto
Ill'd for Canadian Home Journal, Aug 1923 [source- Jaleen Grove]

Evans, Susan Scott Scott Evans, Susan
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Eveleigh, Henry
War posters

Ewing, Juliana Horatia
see book by Donna McDonald on her called Juliana Horatia Ewing's Canadian Pictures: 1867-1869; possibly did work for Canadian Illustrated News too [source - Sarah Benoit]

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