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D’Agostino, Joseph
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Dahlstrom, Robert
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Daigle, Louise
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Daigneault Sylvie

Dair, Carl - born 1912; died 1967
Best known as designer and typographer. Designed the font Cartier, which is used by the federal government's Canada wordmark.

Dakessian, Dick
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Dakota, Lindsay
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Dale, Archibald - born 1882; died 1962
Political cartoonist, Winnipeg Free Press

Dale, Stanley
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Dalgleish, Carole
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Dallaire, Jean-Philippe - born 1916; died 1965
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Dallegret, François - born 1937;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Dallison, Ken - Ken was born in 1933 in Hounslow, England and attended Twickenham Art School in Middlesex for two years. From 1950-54 he was a lettering artist in London. In 1954 he moved to Canada where he worked as an illustrator and freelance artist for several magazines. He returned to London in 1959. A specialty in vehicular illustration which had begun to emerge from the beginning, resulted in Ken establishing himself as one of the top automotive illustrators. He crossed the Atlantic again in 1961 to work as a freelance artist in New York City and returned finally to Canada in 1974.

Dalpé, Albert
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Daly, George
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Damasdy, Julius - born 1937;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Damato, Jacqueline
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Dambergs, Elmer - born 1924;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Dancause, Kaye Dancause, Teena
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Daniel, Alan - born 1939;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHINchildren’s books -

Danker, Carl Danker, Carl Gerard
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Dannenberg Thomas

Danylewich, Morris John - born 1938; Morris, John Danylewich
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

D’Auteuil, Louis
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN
Dave, Ted
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Davey, Alfred William - born 1909; died 1986
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Davey, Ted
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Davies, Hayn Llewellyn

Davies, Mary - born 1925; Henderson, Mary
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Davies, Will - born 1924, died September 3, 2016;
Member RCA
One of Canada's best known illustrators of the 1960s; specialized in boy-girl; auto; fashion; nudes. Taught at OCA.
President Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators (CAPIC)

Davis, Annette Brock - born 1909; died 2000 Davis, Brock
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Davis, Henry
there is a Henry Davis whose illustrations accompany fiction in Chatelaine, and a Henry Samuel Davis listed in CHIN - unknown whether it is the same person.

Davis, Robert A.
From Hamilton, Ontario. Went to study in NY with Bridgman, sought advice from Arthur William Brown, knew Grant MacDonald. Did some sketches for the Hamilton Spectator in 1933, eg on June 3, 1933. [source - letter to Brown from Davis, Aug. 5, 1933, Society of Illustrators archives]

Davison, Stan
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Dawkins, Trevor
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Dawson, John
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Dawson, Kenneth 1899- murals

Dawson, Sheldon
Freelance illustrator and painter based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Sheldon specializes in illustrating children’s books and educational material. He has been nominated three times for the Best Illustrated Book Of The Year Award in Manitoba and three of the books he has illustrated have been nominated for the McNally Robinson Book For Young People Award.
Sheldon is currently working with the Louis Riel Institute on the “Illustrated Metis History Series” of textbooks for Manitoba schools. Through his work for Pemmican Publications, Sheldon has been involved in the effort to preserve the Michif language by illustrating a series of picture books for children that celebrates the Métis language and heritage. In the northern schools projects created for Native Reflections, Sheldon’s culturally sensitive illustrations help teach positive, healthy and traditional lifestyles and provide First Nations students with classroom materials that honour their own identity and culture.

Day, Eugene
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Day, Gene - born 1951;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Day, Shirley
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Daybi Pranteau, Geoffrey
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

de Angeli Marguerite - born 1889 and died in America in 1987.
"In her books de Angeli wrote about different people and their cultures - in Elin's Amerika (1941), for example, the protagonist is Swedish; in Petite Suzanne (1937) she is French Canadian, and in Susan’s personal favourite Thee, Hannah! (1940) she belongs to the Quaker community. De Angeli won the 1950 Newbery Medal for The door in the wall." [source - Dorothy Neal White Newsletter 32, June 2004 {New Zealand}]

Deane, Elsie - "is an American who prefers to live in Canada" [source - Chatelaine, July 1930]
Exhibited in Canadian Society of Graphic Art exhibition (1928).

De Bellefeuille, Richard De Carufel, Louis
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

De Charmoy, Cozette - born 1939; Charmoy, Cozette de
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

De Garthe, William Edward 1907-1983 murals

Deines Brian – children’s books -

De Kergommeaux, Duncan Robert Chassin de1927 murals

Delainey Gary - comic "Betty"

Delaprée, Stephanie - born 1956;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Delatri, Tony - born 1922;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Delchambre, Dinah
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Delessert, Etienne
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Delfosse, Georges 1869-1939 murals

Delfosse, Madeleine 1909- murals

Delfosse, Marie-Joseph-Georges (1869-1939)
Marie-Joseph-Georges Delfosse was born in Rapide-Mascouche (L’Assomption, Québec) in 1869. He arrived in Montreal in 1882 and was educated at the College de Saint Laurent and l’Institut national des beaux-arts. Georges Delfosse supplied artwork to an unknown Quebec publisher in 1913 for publication in a “Vieux Montreal” series of postards. “A Dictionary of Canadian Artists”, Vol 1., and “Dictionnaire des artistes de langue française en Amerique du Nord”.Drouin, Rolland (1912-1996)Rolland Drouin was a self-taught artist born in St-Joseph de Beauce, Quebec in 1912. He self-published the postcard Série 100 c. 1970, which used 5 of his drawings of the Carnaval de Québec. Collection Héritage Chaudière Etchemin, bio and “Dictionnaire des artistes de langue française en Amerique du Nord”.

De Lucchi, Michele
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Demers, Tristan - born 1973;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Denton Kady (or Katie) MacDonald - born 1942
Governor General award winner for children's book illo.

De Paoli, Sergio 1928- murals

Déraps, Richard
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Dermaut, Béatrice
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Derreth, Reinhard - born 1928;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

- see McCarthy, James Derrett

Des Barres, Joseph Frédérick Wallet - born 1721; died 1824
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

De Pelteau, André
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Desantis, Rene
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Desjardins, François
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Desmarchais, Guy
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

De Soto, Theodore Mills - born 1911;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

De Sousa, Mary Meek
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

De Thulstrup, Thure - Born: 05 April 1848 Stockholm Sweden; Died: 1930
Occasional engravings ran in Dominion Illustrated in 1891. [source - Jaleen Grove]
Immigrated to Canada in 1930. [source - CHIN]
"Born April 4, 1848 Stockholm, Sweden and died July 9 th 1930 in New York City. He studied in Paris, following service in the French Foreign Legion. Thulstrup at the age of 27 went to Canada and then New York City. For some years he was on the staff of the New York Daily Graphic and Leslie’s. He was staff artist on Harper’s for twenty years, covering the inaugurations of four Presidents and the funeral of General Grant. In his capacity of illustrator he visited most of the countries of Europe and went to Russia in 1888 to sketch the Kaiser of Germany on his visit to the Czar. He later produced some of the best-known paintings of American Colonial life. He was also known to collaborate artistically with the great American artist, Frederic Remington. Thulstrup was strongly an American artist and was particularly known for his depictions of sporting events. Harper's Weekly featured stories, news, and gossip among other things, but it was most widely know for its diverse and richly illustrated wood-engravings." [source - Horse and Hound in Art, http://www.horseandhoundart.com/Thulstrup.htm]

Dettmar, Rosalinde
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

De Vos Miller, Kathryn
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Dewdney, Christopher - born 1951;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Dewdney, Selwyn - born 1909; died 1979
murals- midcentury kidsbooks

Diamond, Gordon
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Diamond, Sam
Cartoons for MacLean's
Moved to California in 1946

Di Carlo, George 1926-2007 murals

Diceman, Harold
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Dickie, Jim
Operated commercial art studio with Alec Dalgleish in Vancouver, 1930s - 40s.

Dickinson, Edgar A.
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Dickson, Don
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Diener, Richard
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Dillon, Diane
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Dimson, Mr. Theo Aeneas - Born: 08 April 1930 London Ontario Canada - d. January 18, 2012.
Illustrated for Mayfair Magazine/
Ran art studio/agency in Toronto; wrote Great Canadian Posters

Dingle, Adrian
Started Hillborough Studios and produced Triumph-Adventure Comics in 1940s with brothers Andre Kulbach and Rene Kulbach [source - John Bell, Collections Canada]

Dinsmore, Edward Jackson 1885-1936 - Born: 1885 Toronto Ontario Canada [source - CHIN]
worked in NYC [source - Who's Who in AA)
Did illustrations for Life and Literature, Book Two, Grade Eight, issued by Ontario Ministry of Education, 1937

Dittberner Stephen

Dixon, Gordon - born 1925;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Dobrolige, Wadym - born 1913; died 1973
murals; ill/des

Dodwell, Mary Dale
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Doerrie, Gerhard
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Dokis, Terry - born 1953;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Dolan, Patrick C. - born 1906;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Dolbec, Robert
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Dolci, Giovanni - born 1906; Sweet, John Dolesch, Charles
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Domokos, Alex - born 1921; Domokos, Sándor
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Donato, Andy (Anthony) - born 1937
Political cartoonist

Donnell, Al
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Domokos, Alex Domokos, Sándor 1921-

Doray, Jocelyne
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Dorf, R
Illustrated for Western Home Monthly ca. 1930.

Dorn, Peter Klaus - born 1932;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Doskova, Tanya
Award winning Painter, Printmaker and Illustrator living in Vancouver, BC Canada

Doss, Nabil
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Doucet Bob

Doucet, Hélène - born 1950;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Doughtie, William - born 1846; died 1882
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Downes, Lionel Fielding - born 1900; died 1972
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Downs, Michael J.

Drawson, Blair - born 1943;
Prominent editorial illustrator.

Dreany, Freda - b.
Married to Joseph Dreany. Graduate of Ontario College of Art. Worked in fashion illustration for Eaton's, Simpsons. Became a well respected portrait painter in CT.

Dreany, Edward Joseph - b. Feb 29, 1908 North Bay Ont. - d. May 6, 1961
Married to Freda Dreany. Started in Toronto but moved to the US in 1940s, first in New Rochelle and then settling in Springfield, CT. Was fiends with other expatriates Mel Crawford and John Clymer. [source - family] Illustrated pulps in Canada and the US: pulps Participated in Canadian Society of Graphic Art exhibitions during 1930s. Also illustrated some children's books for Little Golden Books, 1956-1959.

Drummond, Marguerite
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Drummond-Davies, Nora Georgina (1862-1949)
Nora Georgina Drummond was born in Bath, Somerset, England in 1862. In 1893 she married Daniel Joseph F. Davies and shortly after the turn of the century the couple emigrated to Canada. For some years they lived in Alberta where she provided private lessons in painting and illustration. Nora Drummond-Davies provided artwork to Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd. of London for publication as postcards over many years. “The Canadian Rockies”, Series 3350 with 6 idyllic mountain landscapes and the “In the Rocky Mountains” Series 3337 with 6 animal studies, can be assigned to her time in Alberta and may have been arranged through the Montreal branch office of Tuck.

Drouin, Roland 1913- murals

D'Souza, Helen

Dubois, YY.
Dubois supplied artwork for a series of postcards by La Lithographic du Saint-Laurent Limitee of Montreal, to celebrate the Congrès Eucharistique de Saint-Hyacinthe in 1944. This is not likely the American artist Yvonne Pène Dubois (1913-1997).

Duchesne, Bernard
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Duchesne, Christiane
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Duda Jenny

Dufault, Ernest

Duff, J. Clarence - born 1893;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Dufoe, Gordon - born 1883; Dufoe, Gordon Earnest
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Duguay, Serge
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Duijnstee, Richard
Since 1998, Richard provides his clients with cartoons, illustrations, logo's, comic strips and colouring pages in a positive, cartoony style. Schooled at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, The Netherlands, he had training in 2D animation and film making. After moving to Canada, Richard is producing artwork for both the European and North-American market.
For more information, please visit: portfolio of the artwork by Richard Duijnstee

Dumas Antoine, RCA
"Beginning as a designer in advertising, he helped found the Graphics Communications program of the École des arts visuels. By 1960, Dumas was giving periodic exhibitions in Québec, Montreal and Toronto; in 1975 he was invited as a guest artist in New York. …Dumas is mainly known as an artist and book illustrator and for his silkscreen prints, but he also designs murals and postage stamps for Canada Post." [source - AIIQ]

Duncan , Alma Mary, - "was born in Paris, Ontario [1917]. Died December 15th, 2004. FCA. CSGA. PDCC. CAR.
She studied in Hamilton, and at McGill University in Montreal. She also studied painting and drawing with Adam Sheriff Scott [1935-36] and took life studies with Ernst Neumann and Goodridge Roberts [1940-43]. In 1943 Duncan received permission to sketch Canadian war industries, and to document the life of the Canadian Women’s Army Corps. Often considered an unofficial war artist, … Alma Duncan worked for a Montreal advertising firm from 1936-43 and for the National Film Board from 1943. At the NFB she designed posters and publications and worked for the animation department. Her first film “Folksong Fantasy” was shown at the Edinburgh Festival in 1951. She became a partner of photographer Audrey McLaren and together produced animated films under the name of Dunclaren Productions (their film “Kumak the Sleepy Hunter” was nominated for a British Film Award). She served on Canadian Film Award juries for many years, and herself won a number of Canadian and international honours. From the 1960s onward she devoted most of her time to painting and drawing. Her drawings of plants and rural landscapes were usually done in pen and ink on location, often in the woods near her studio…. In 1942 she won Honourable Mention at a poster competition in the Museum of Modern Art, New York. She won the President's Award for Best in Show at the 4th Rodman Hall Annual Exhibition [1964]; the Purchase Prize, at the International Exhibition of Drawings & Engravings, Lugano, Switzerland [1966]; and had a work selected, for the “IX Joan Miró International Show of Drawings”, Barcelona [1970]. She was also commissioned by Canada Post to design stamps and produced the popular "Maple in Four Seasons" [1971] and "Floral Aerogrammes" [1973]. She taught at Laval University, & MacDonald College [1949]; the Ottawa School of Art [1962-66], Rockcliffe Public School Art Club [1965], After Four Centre, Ottawa [1966], Lindenlea Community Centre, Ottawa [1971-73], and Arnprior Art Club [1978-81]". [source - D & E Lake Ltd]

Duncan, James. Montreal. Comics. Strips: L33T, Mine, man-man, and Robob

Dunn, Evelyn Alberta 1900- murals

Dunn, Rodney Document(s): 381 ; 400 of - born 1375 Dunnigan, Huguette
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Dunne, S. Liam
active in 1928; cover for Chatelaine; record at AGO

Dupont, Jean; died Claude - born 1934;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Duquet, Georges-Henri (1887-1967)
Georges-Henri Duquet was born in 1887 and raised in Montreal. About 1905 he went to Paris and attended l’Academie Julian, returning to Montreal in 1908.Georges-Henri Duquet supplied a birds-eye view of Quebec City to the Edifice Montmarte for publication as an advertising postcard in 1918.“Dictionnaire des artistes de langue française en Amerique du Nord”

Duranceau, Suzanne - born 1952
"Recipient of numerous prizes for her editorial, advertising and children's book illustrations, Suzanne Duranceau is the creator of 16 stamps including, in 2004, a France-Canada co-production titled "1604 Pierre Dugua, sieur de Mons". She also recently completed the design for a gold coin celebrating the 130th anniversary of the Supreme Court of Canada for the Royal Canadian Mint. Beginning with the international success of her "Trilogie de la Terre" (Earth Trilogy) in 1990 for the 20th anniversary of Smithsonian Magazine, she has oriented her work increasingly toward ecological subjects. For the last seven years she has taught Visual Language and Drawing (Langage Plastique et Dessin) at C.E.G.E.P. Ahuntsic and now teaches at the new UBISOFT Campus." Member CAPIC; member New York Society of Illustrators; founded AIIQ [source - AIIQ]

Du Repos, Ronald
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Duthie, Alexander
Alexander Duthie supplied numerous architectural illustrations to the Howard Johnson chain for reproduction as advertising postcards. He did many of the watercolour and acrylic paintings for Irving D. Boigon, Architect.

Duval, Clermont - born 1952;
Listed as “Graphic Designer” in CHIN

Dyer, Roy
War posters

Dzenis, Ed - Born: 18 April 1907 Latvia; Died:1999
[source - CHIN]
Worked at Bomac Engraving [source - Tom McNeely]

Dzenis, Erik - b. Latvia 1925,
"Erik … joined the Academy of Arts in Riga, … During the Second World War, his talents were put to work in the underground resistance movement, where he provided graphics, documents, sketches, and paintings,… In 1950, he was hired by TDF Artists Ltd., and over the next 27 years Erik's commercial illustrations appeared in many nationwide ad campaigns, including Laura Secord, General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, and many others. His commercial work played a role in the shaping of North American culture…. by the ‘60s, Erik was drawing and painting the dancers of major ballet companies. The art of dance became his study for the next 30 years….Erik was also in demand for commissions of fine art oil and pastel portraits for many prominent Canadian business and government officials." [source - CAPIC http://www.capic.org/press.html ]

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